Lectionary Studies Scripture Readings based on the Revised Common Lectionary

What is the Revised Common Lectionary?

The Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) is a three-year cycle of weekly scripture readings used by many mainline Protestant churches in Canada and the United States. The RCL is built around the seasons of the Church Calendar, and includes four readings for each Sunday, as well as additional readings for major church holidays. Throughout most of the year, the four readings are: an Old Testament passage, a Psalm, a reading from the Epistles, and a Gospel reading.

The seasons of the Church Year reflect the life of Christ. Consequently, the gospel lections for each Sunday provide the focus for that day.

Holy Week 2020

Easter Season 2020

During the Easter Season, the Old Testament Readings are replaced with readings from the Acts of the Apostles.

The Season After Pentecost - 2020

During the long Season After Pentecost, which lasts until Advent begins a new church year, the focus of the readings is on our commission of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the world that His Father so loves, having been equipped by the baptism of His Holy Spirit and having just completed the readings that chronicle Christ's Coming, Birth, Ministry, Temptation, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension, and Sending of the Holy Spirit.

2019-2020 is an "A" year in the 3-year cycle of the Lectionary.

  • During "A" years, the Old Testament Readings focus on the books of Moses
  • During "B" years, the Old Testament Readings focus on the records of the Monarchs
  • During "C" years, the Old Testament Readings focus on the Prophets.


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