This photo shows New York City at night time and shows how big it really is.

This photo shows a colorful city.

This photo shows many different places around the world.


Q and A

What is government, and why is it necessary? Government is essential so our country manages economy and so rule of law stays in places . Also we need government so the leader or citizens can not do whatever they want. Furthermore we need goverment to keep our country in order, so we dont have complete anarchy. Lastly we need goverment so highways can be built and schools can be funded for society . These are just some ways that show that we need goverment.

What makes a good citizen? Well as you can see from the photo above these are some pretty bad citizens. To be a good citizen you must respect authority, like police officers. You also must respect all laws. Furthermore a good citizen has the right to vote. Lastly paying taxes is part of being a good citizen.
This photo shows mt. Everest

Is Mount Everest worth the risk? I think not. To start off paying 70,000 dollars for this whole experience seems a little overpriced. Then there's that hundreds of people have died up there and you could be the next. Furthermore you may not even make it to the summit. Lastly if you have family you probably don't want them not to ever see you again.


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