North carolina BY:Cooper S

In North Carolina the average temperature in the mountains is 30 degrees. Every year North Carolina gets 44 inches of rain and 5 inches of snow. The average temperature in august is 60 degrees.
Four foods known in North Carolina are grapes, sweet potatoes, peaches, and blueberries.
The 3 main resources in North Carolina are fishing, hunting, and farming.
These are 2 Tourist attractions in North Carolina. Grandfather Mountain and the Biltmore Estate.
The state nickname is the tar heel state. It is called that because North Carolina is known to have a lot of tar.
The state flower is an American Dogwood.
The state bird is a Cardinal.
The state tree is a pine tree.
This is the seal for North Carolina. Also the state motto is :To be rather then to seem.
Here are 2 important historical events in North Carolina. The Wright Brothers made the first Airplane in North Carolina. Also the first public university in the US was the University of North Carolina.
Two important people from North Carolina are Andrew Johnson and Elizabeth Dole.
That was my presentation of North Carolina.


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