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2017 Schedule & Results

2/4-5 Barber LeMons

2/25-26 VIR THSCC

4/29-30 CMP LeMons

6/10-11 VIR THSCC

7/8-9 NCM LeMons

9/9-10 VIR THSCC

9/16-17 CMP LeMons

12/9-10 Road Atlanta LeMons

Team T-shirts

Buy something, we need beer money!

Some of our designs...

The Team

Roger McDaniels, NASA & THSCC Instructor
Robert McDaniels, Driver
Ricky Beam, Driver
Charles Lankford, Rookie (FNG)

The Car, "Duffy"

It started off as a 1994 "metalic mint green" Honda Civic 4-door sedan with the front crushed in. With a bit of work and a lot of spray paint it is a now our race car, "Duffy". With a stock D-series Honda engine and some coilovers, she is not fast but can at least turn.

Pictures & Video

Youtube links and photo galleries to come...

The Beer

It's Free!

Every race we bring 100+ bottles of home brewed beer and hand it out for free to our fellow racers and fans. Roger is a fan of Porters and Stouts while I (Robert) tend toward the weird; Absynthe, Rosemary & Clove, Coffee Porter, All Citra IPAs, etc. Seriously, free beer, and lot's of it. Scroll back up to our schedule and come join us sometime.

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Robert McDaniels

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