Hailey Massie MCOM 2400 Projects

Throughout the course of Mcom 2400 we were responsible for keeping up with a blog that we would post to twice a week. My blog, Helpful Hailey, is a place where I give advice to my followers and also share tips and tricks.

One of the first projects we had to complete in Mcom 2400 was a podcast. I decided to focus on the topic of surviving your freshman year of college, because I believe many graduating high school seniors would benefit from listening to this podcast. You can find a link to my podcast here!

Next we were assigned a photo story assignment. My partner and I decided to photograph the activities that occur at the Trinity Arts Center, a space where kids of all ages can learn about the arts in Johnson City, Tennessee.
Next up we had to design a magazine cover for the "Made in East Tennessee Film Festival". Our class became familiar with the Adobe Indesign application.

For our final project our class had to split up into groups and create a two episode series. My group's series is called "The Wedding Gang".


I've learned so much in Multimedia Production this semester. Being able to use multiple Adobe applications, video equipment and different media platforms has made me ready to continue my studies here in ETSU's Media and Communications Department. I would definitely say my weakness in this course was using Indesign, due to the sensitivity and complexity of the program. My strength in this class was using Adobe Premiere Pro. I really enjoyed being creative with my group's episode series and being able to edit video footage. I completely understand why this course is a requirement to take as a Media and Communications major, as it helps you become familiar with all the programs and equipment you will need to use in later classes. Because I enjoyed using Adobe Premiere Pro so much, I hope I can sharpen my video editing skills and create better content while taking my RTVF minor classes. Thank you Mrs. Fannon for a wonderful semester in MCOM 2400!


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