The Triangle Factory Fire What are the cause and effects to the triangle fire?By David Mendoza

Imagine if you were in a building that was on fire with no water to put out the flames, no alarms, and a door that was locked.There were many factors that contributed to the triangle fire and most were preventable

There were many people that died in the triangle fire because poeple didn't practice fire drills. The Verona would of got out but they didn't practice fire drills or they didn't have those sprinkolers,and they also had no alarms.

Well in the March 1911 New York City a fire began on the 8th floor of the building the fire began by someone was smoking during work and he throught it in a basket of left over clothing.The man ran to get a budget of water and it want anought to put the fire out so it started to spread fast from the floor to the roof.The flames were hug like there were dancing on top of us.

The man that was watching them do there work he ran to the hoes but the water wouldn't come out so they all ran to the elavater and some went to the star way some of the people went to the a door that would puss in and thay were pushing out so the door wouldn't open.Some of the people didn't want to die from the fire so 2 people went to the window and jumped off the 8th floor.

Then the after the fire the building was destroyed.Later after the fire they found 146 people died and 72 people with injuries.Most of the people that died were teenagers because the teenagers were able to work there.So then that's why they changed the law.

The end

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