Pillage presented by Alicia

Obert Skye attended school in parts of the United States and parts of Europe. He has written the Leven Thumps series, the Pillage Trilogy. He has also written, Witherwood Reform School, and Beyond Foo.

The setting takes place in Kingsplot

The main character is Beck Philips he 15 years old and tends to be very curious character and he's mom died and he's dad ran away and the police can't find him. So he has to go live with cousin.

In the beginning Beck was told he had to go live with his cousin Milo. On he's way to his cousin's house he has to ride a train. On the train he meets this girl Kate. They become best friends and turnout they were going to the same place. Later when they got to Kingsplot he couldn't find her but met he's cousin Milo. After living there for a while he had to start going to school and he found out that Kate was also going to the same school. After meeting he's teachers and making new friends. He was bullied by a guy named Squall who scared kids out the window and Squall started to bully Milo. SO FAR ..

I like the book so far in the book because I liked how the author writes like with descriptions and I don't like how I couldn't find the other books to the series.

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