Finca Sabanetas natural - Aida BAtlle Selection - Chalchuapa, El Salvador

Quick Facts

Producer:Jose Manuel Acevedo

Country: El Salvador

Region: Alotepec-Metapan mountain range, Volcan El Chingo, El Paste

Elevation: 1300 - 1600 m.a.s.l.

Variety: Red Bourbon

Harvest: January - February

Process: Natural


Jose Manuel Acevedo is a young coffee professional who inherited Finca Sabanetas from his father in 2019. He has been in the coffee industry for a couple of years now as he was previously helping his father to take care of the farm. He is very passionate on the quality of the coffee coming from the estate and has lots of ideas for the future of the farm. He wants to continue with his father´s legacy and with coffee culture in El Salvador.

What is an Aida Batlle Selection?

In 2001, Aida Batlle took 1st place in the inaugural Cup of Excellence in El Salvador, and over the last 2 decades has cemented herself as one of the most driven quality coffee producers in the world.

When Aida won the Cup of Excellence, she collaborated with J Hill who runs, Las Tres Puertas, a coffee processing site in Santa Ana. That year, she was able to work closely with J Hill to make her coffees shine and since has worked closely with the team there to constantly tweak the processing for improvement.

Through this constant search for perfection, Aida's reputation has grown for having unflinching standards and unique ideas to create great quality, which led to J Hill and Aida deciding in 2009 to collaborate on quality standards with other farmers that used J Hill to process their coffee too.

The farms that wanted to take their coffee to the next level of quality, worked with Aida to implement her strict cherry picking practices and further worked with J Hill to process the coffee to her impeccable standards.

When each season comes to an end, Aida and the QC team at J Hill taste through the lots, noting the ones that meet the highest quality, and these are the coffees that become an Aida Batlle Selection.

Flavor Notes

Dried Raspberry, Almond, Creamy

While many Central American naturals can be wild and have notes that verge on over-fermented, this lot from Sabanetas is crisp, balanced, and lacks the harsh fruitiness that many have. The flavors lean towards dried fruits with a sweet creamy almond base note.

Processing Info


Once picked at Sabanetas the coffee is brought to J Hill's - Las Tres Puertas mill in downtown Santa Ana, where the coffee cherries are laid out on clay patios to dry. Drying times vary depending on weather, but average 12-15 days.

Regional Info

Chalchuapa, Santa Ana

Alotepec Metapan is one of the six coffee producing areas in El Salvador. Sabanetas farm is located in the slopes of El Chingo Volcano boarder between Guatemala and El Salvador. Volcanic soil, shade trees, and fresh weather make a great environment to grow coffee.


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