Fairy Tales of The World Costa Rica


The country is built on two volcanic mountain chains, Cordillera Volcánica and Cordillera de Talamanca. The two actual volcanoes are named Irazu and Poas. The capital of Costa Rica is San Josè.


Costa Rica is located between two countries, with Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south. The bodies of water on either side are the Caribbean Sea to the east, and the Pacific to the west.


Costa Rica has a tropical climate due to its location to the equator, and generally has a temperature of 21 to 27 degrees Celsius or 70 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit. There is some rain there, mostly in the wetter months, not the dry ones.

Physical Characteristics

Costa Rica has two active volcanoes that are named Irazu and Poas. The capital of Costa Rica is San Josè. Costa Rica is bordered on two sides by water.


The current population of Costa Rica is 4.872 million, or 4,872,000. The majority of this population is Roman Catholic.


The majority of the Costa Rican population is Roman Catholic. Other religious groups include protestants, nonreligious, and “other”. The national language of Costa Rica is Spanish, yet they have a different dialect than native spanish countries, like Spain. In this dialect, the ending “tito” is replaced by “tico”, thus earning the citizens the nickname “ticos”.


The title of this fairy tale is "The Three Oranges", and there is no known author.

At the beginning of the story, a king has a son that he wants to marry a princess so that they can inherit a kingdom.

He sends his son into the woods to find a princess/wife for him.

The prince instead goes to the edge of the forest, cuds down three oranges from the tree, and ventures into the desert.

In the desert he gets very thirsty so he cuts open one of the oranges. A beautiful princess appears and asks for some water, but he has none so she disappears. He drinks the juice. This happens once more.

He finds a spring and cuts open the last orange. A woman appears and asks for water. He gives her some and so she marries him. She says she was cursed by an evil witch. The witch comes to the castle to kill her, but is caught by the prince and killed.


Special Beginning- "In the old times..."

Good Character- The Prince is most notably the good character, as he is the protagonist, and rescues the princess from the orange.

Evil Character- The Evil Witch is the evil character, as she is referred to as "the evil witch".

Royalty-There are multiple characters and locations indicating royalty, such as the King, Prince, Queen, and Princess. This is first shown when “The prince mounted a fine horse and rode out into the world”

Magic Use- Three magic oranges

Problem/Solution- The witch is hunting the Queen down for no apparent reason, as she said that “An evil witch cast a spell on me and imprisoned me”

Threes- In the story there are 3 magic oranges. There are no other number related motifs. “He saw an orange tree with three golden oranges.”


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