Readerlink A JLL Project Profile

Print sales are hot, with the industry seeing its third straight year of sales growth in 2016. In fact, distribution networks require more sophistication than ever as booksellers strive to meet the immediate and highly specialized demands of their customer bases.

Identifying the Salt Lake City area as the consolidation of its Western U.S. distribution network, Readerlink tapped the JLL team to identify a hub facility. With nothing existing on the market, our Build to Suit Practice Group assembled a cross-functional team, from financing experts to project management pros, to assess the viability of a build-to-suit assuming a long-term lease and Readerlink's credit.

Building a 500,000-square-foot distribution center in the middle of a brutal Salt Lake City winter is challenging enough. Making the entire process financially viable while shifting delivery and budget risk (including winter conditions) onto the developer and landlord was critical.

The agreement we reached with the developer and landlord provided the most protection for delivery on Readerlink’s aggressive timeline to be up and running ahead of its busy season. The landlord guaranteed a maximum price and firm completion date with significant consequences for delay.

By taking control and creating competition in all of the work streams surrounding a build-to-suit, we prioritized transparency and creativity to realize Readerlink’s vision at the lowest possible cost.

JLL services: Build-to-Suit, Tenant Representation and Project Management

Ben Erskine | Managing Director, Build to Suit Practice Group | +1 312 228 3105 | benjamin.erskine@am.jll.com

Todd Schaefer | Executive Vice President, Tenant Representation | +1 312 228 3676 | todd.schaefer@am.jll.com

Steve Borup | Vice President, Project and Development Services | +1 801 456 9513 | steven.borup@am.jll.com

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