Spirit week encapsulates the ultimate Staples spirit By Lucy Arrow '21

All photos by Lucy Arrow '21

Staples' annual "Spirit Week" was held on the week of Oct. 21 to Oct. 25. Traditionally, the cheerleaders decide what the theme of every day of the week will be, where the students then dress up accordingly to the theme. For this year, Monday's theme was "PJ Day", Tuesday was "USA Day" or "Where you're from day", Wednesday was "Twin Day", Thursday was "Color Wars Day" and Friday was "Blue and White Day".

Senior girls, (left to right) Maisie Dembski '20, Alex Seideman '20, Annie Bowens '20 and Sophia Alfero '20 dress up in pajamas for the first day of Spirit Week on Oct. 21. Traditionally, the girls of the senior class will gather with their friends before the school day begins and will take pictures. Photo contributed by Annie Bowens '20.
The next day of Spirit Week was "USA" or "Where You're From" Day, in which students dressed in colors of the country that they are from. The halls were filled will different colors and flags, representing all different countries.
Arianna Gerig ’20 (left) and Jordi Katz '20 (right) showed their spirit for "USA" day by dressing head to toe in red, white and blue.
For Twin Day, the senior class had the opportunity to choose a character to all dress up as. This year, the character was Winnie the Pooh. The girls dressed in yellow leggings, a red shirt, and yellow bear ears.
Ashley Julien '23 (left) and Sophie Spheeris '23 (right) twinned with a jean jacket, white shirt and black leggings. All grades are encouraged to dress up for spirit day as it allows for everyone to express themselves and feel a part of the Staples community.
Thursday, Oct. 24 was "Color Wars" where every grade was assigned a different color to dress all out in for the day. Freshman were assigned to wear green, sophomores were assigned purple, juniors were assigned yellow and seniors were assigned to dress in red.
Jonathan Lorenz '21 dresses in yellow in spirit of "Color Wars." Due to the replacement of the football field, Spirit Week was delayed along with the homecoming football game, moved about one month after the typical homecoming date which is in September.
(left to right) Izzy Gerard '21, Hayley Buckman '21, Emmy Bassler '21 and Ellie Bass '21 celebrate the next day, "Blue and White" day, by showing Staples spirit. "Blue and White" day concluded Spirit Week, which led into the long-awaited Homecoming football game that night.