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Are you ready to be more confident?

Are you ready to love the body you are in?

Let me show you just how beautiful you are. Right now.

"I was so unsure and embarrassed of how I looked. I took a chance and booked a session. I was both amazed and impressed with my experience. Sarah made me feel so comfortable. The unveiling was shocking. I never knew that side she was able to capture. She gave me back what I was missing: being able to be confident and LOVE MYSELF again."

meet the team

Sarah Shewan - Photographer

Mallory Antone - Hair & Makeup

What does the boudoir experience entail?

A boudoir experience with 1105 Photography is life-changing. It starts with taking the first step - inquiring about a session. From there, we choose a date & time for your session. As a guide, our sessions generally book out 4-6 months in advance.

After we have chosen a date, I will help guide you through preparing for your session, including styling advice and outfit selection to help you get the most out of this experience. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀

When the day comes, you will be pampered with professional hair and makeup (including voluminous lashes) by Mallory.

We shoot for approximately one hour, one-on-one with me. I will pose you from head to toe!

1-2 weeks after your session, you will return for your Reveal Session. This is my favourite part - showing you the gorgeous images from our session!

I have no modelling experience, how do I pose?

You have NOTHING to worry about! I pose you from head to toe (literally) - and I even coach you on facial expressions! In fact, all of the images you see here are clients - not professional models! They were all both nervous and excited for their experience - just like you!

Where do the sessions take place?

That is completely up to you! Most of our sessions take place in our studio space - a gorgeous home near downtown London. If you are looking for an even more personalized experience, we come to you! We can use your home, with your own space as a backdrop for your images.

What do I wear?

This experience is all about you. You wear what makes you feel the most comfortable and beautiful (if that's a baggy sweater and jeans, so be it!).

I recommend you bring 3-4 outfits for your session. An outfit can be anything from a piece of lingerie (bodysuits are THE BEST), to a bra and underwear set, a baggy sweater or t-shirt, just a bedsheet, or nothing at all! If you aren't sure something will work, ask! I am here to guide you all the way.

Not comfortable being completely nude? Then don't be! I will ask you what your comfort level is when planning our session, and as the session moves along, I will check in again. You may find that you are more comfortable during the session than you thought you would be, and you may want to push your comfort level a bit further.

What if I want my images to remain private?

You decide which images I share, if any! I will not share ANY images from your session without your permission (this is why I don't do sneak peeks). Your privacy is important to me! At your reveal, I will ask if you are comfortable with your images being shared. You have control over which images are shared (any, anonymous images only, or none at all)!

do it for you

Are you ready to change the way you see yourself?

You will need to choose a date and put down the $100 retainer to book the session time. This retainer is meant to hold the date in the calendar for you, therefore it is non-refundable. The remainder of the session fee is then due the day before your session.

Session Fee $295

Your session fee includes:

  • Styling and wardrobe advice
  • Professional hair and makeup (with lashes)
  • 1 hour session
  • 3-4 outfit changes
  • Professional retouching of all final images
  • Reveal session (approximately 1-2 weeks after your session)
  • $100 print credit

(Note: The $295 Session Fee does not include product. All product pricing is below and is purchased at your reveal. Taxes not included. Pricing subject to change.)


Collection One

2900 (4200 value)

  • 12x12 Luxury Album
  • Entire Digital Gallery
  • Mobile App
  • 20x30 Metal Wall Art
  • 2-image Folio
  • Retro Viewfinder

Collection Two

1800 (2350 value)

  • 10x10 Luxury Album
  • Mobile App
  • 16x24 Metal Wall Art
  • 2-image Folio

Collection Three

1000 (1100 value)

  • 8x8 Luxury Album
  • 2-image Folio

A La Carte

Luxury Album

  • 12x12 (30 images) - 1100
  • 10x10 (25 images) - 900
  • 8x8 (20 images) - 750

Folio Box

Matted 8x10 portraits in a gorgeous box

  • 20 images - 1200
  • 10 images - 900

Digital Images

Fully edited high-resolution images on a heart-shaped USB.

  • Entire Digital Gallery - 1200

Metal Wall Art

  • 30x40 - 950
  • 20x30 - 850
  • 16x24 - 650
  • 11x14 - 550

Bonus Add-Ons

Available for purchase alongside any of our other products.

  • Mobile App - 450
  • 2-image Folio - 350
  • Retro Viewfinder - 250

Payment Plans

A lot of our clients choose to take advantage of our super flexible payment plans! We believe every woman deserves to do this for herself - no matter her shape, size, age or budget!

In House Payment Plan

You are able to make payments in as small increments as needed - spread out as long as you'd like in order to suit your budget. As soon as the final payment has been made, the products are ordered and delivered!

Boudie Bucks

If it's easier for you, you are also able to pre-pay for any collections or products leading up to your session. Again, you are able to pay in as small increments as needed to suit your budget.

Referral Program

Another great way to earn boudie bucks before your session! For each friend you refer that books a session with us, you will receive $100 in print credit (or, boudie bucks ;) ) to use towards any of our products or collections. Refer enough friends, and you could walk away with a free collection!

Let's start planning your session!

Email me at sarah@1105-photography.com or click the button below to contact me through my website, so we can choose a date and start planning your session!

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