History of The Beatles By alden aBshire and matthew stamey

After moving back to Liverpool in 1961 they met Brian Epstein who soon became their new manager and transformed them from a rough group into a professional band.

Under the managing of Brian Epstein, the Beatles soon grew very popular in the U.K.

Soon after their growing popularity, producer George Martin became their producer.
These were some of the first singles the Beatles recorded with George Martin.

In 1963, when the Beatles had already reached extreme popularity in the U.K., their music became popular in the U.S. and they started on the first concert tour.

The Beatles diffusion from the United Kingdom to the United States and throughout the world was an example of hierarchical diffusion.

This picture of the Billboard Hot 100 shows how popular The Beatles became. (highlighted songs are by The Beatles)

Over time The Beatles have become a worldwide phenomenon with fans all around the world.

Highlighted countries have the highest fan bases.

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