A Simple Recruiting/Mobilization Interview From Justin D Long

Invitation: “Tell me your story”

Tell me your story?

Gentle challenge: “So, if I could wave a magic wand and solve all the problems of getting there, would you want to be on the field?”

Do you want to be in the field?

Four areas we can probe to discover what kind of calling they have:

1. Would you say you’re more interested in a short-term involvement – a contribution you can make now – or a long-term involvement on the field? How they define long-term isn’t as important as the self-declared choice between these two ideas

Short-term or Long-term?

2. Would you say you’re interested in blessing more unreached peoples and places? Again, how they define unreached isn’t as important in the early stages, although it becomes critical to be on the same page later on.

Interested in Unreached Peoples and Places?

3. What do you think about rapidly-multiplying movements? Are you interested in (or committed to) those? to seeing “everyone” reached?

Interested in Disciple Making Movements?

4. What about ___agency X___? (In our case, “would you be interested in serving with YWAM?”)

Which Organization?

What’s the biggest challenge/question/issue that you face in pursuing your missions commitment?

Biggest Obstacle?

This last question is the big one early on. Listening is the key skill: discover the question, help them solve it, and then repeat this whole process if (with the solution) they move further down the road.

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