Delicious homemade pretzel desserts for Memorial Day By: Abigal nevin '23

All photos taken by Abigail Nevin '23

Come prepared for Memorial Day weekend with these patriotic and easy to make pretzel snacks for friends and family to enjoy. In under 15 minutes, create this classic dessert to help celebrate the holiday with a DIY twist.

For the pretzels, you can use any kind you would like. However, pretzel rods are most useful for this project as you will have more space to add frosting and decorate.

First, for the ingredients, you will need: pretzel rods, blue red or white sprinkles, white frosting and both red and blue food coloring.

Throughout this process, the frosting will harden. Be prepared to continuously put your frosting back in the microwave in order to make it easier to put smoothly onto the pretzels.

Separate the white frosting into three small bowls. Put them in the microwave for around 10 seconds each to make it easier to mix in the food coloring, and later to dip the pretzels in.

If you would prefer to have your frosting to be more pastel and less bright, add one to two drops of frosting. If you would like a more vibrant colored frosting mixture, add three to five.

After the white frosting is melted, add in your red and blue food coloring to two out of the three bowls. Vary the amount of drops of food coloring you add, depending on how bright you want the colors to be.

While dipping your pretzels in the frosting, use a spoon to help make it easier to spread the frosting. Scoop up excess frosting with the spoon and cover the parts of the pretzel you were unable to reach.

Now for the fun part: dipping in the pretzels. Be creative here. You can mix the colors together to create a tie-dye ensemble, or keep the colors solid and add to your pretzel later, as shown in the following step.

Place the pretzels on a surface such as a cookie sheet or on top of a napkin so the decorating process will be less messy.

Lay out all of your pretzels that have been dipped in frosting, and now brainstorm how you would like to decorate them. This is the most entertaining step, because you are able to add small details such as sprinkles or extra frosting on top.

If you would like, when drizzling your frosting on top of your pretzels, make patterns or designs. For example, you can make small white stars that replicate those on the American flag.

To make your pretzel snacks extra special, take a plastic bag and add your excess melted frosting inside. Cut a small hole out of the corner of your bag, and drizzle the different colored frosting on top to contrast the color already there.

Keep your pretzels room temperature or freeze them for a while to secure the frosting in place. This last step is up to personal preference.

After the decorating portion of this dessert project is done, you are finished. Pack the final products in a plastic bag or a small cup to bring them to friends and family. Enjoy these snacks as well as the Memorial Day weekend!