Studio Innovations Recording & mastering Studios - PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA

Studio recording:

Rock bands, solo artists, jazz groups, folk, blues, roots musicians and vocal ensembles all enjoy recording at Studio Innovations. Its relaxed environment set in 5 acres of jarrah and banksia bushland south of Perth is conducive to creativity and a highly productive experience.

"Studio Innovations were happy to record us playing together as a band. We sounded great - the recording actually sounded musical, just like how we play..."

Scroll down for our contact details - we'd be delighted to discuss your specific requirements, including pricing.

We understand the issues facing many struggling musicians and are very supportive in this regard.

Live recording for concerts and music videos.

Studio Innovations offers recordings of live concerts for small ensembles through to orchestral, big bands and choirs. The recordings can be made stand-alone, as a complete package where we also supply the PA system, or in conjunction with an existing sound system for larger venues.


Microphones: Classic AKG, Beyer, Neumann, Shure and Sennheiser microphones.

Preamps: Focusrite Red, Focusrite Blue, Avalon 737, Avalon U5.

Monitoring: Auratone, Beyerdynamic DT150/DT250, Dynaudio Air-20 + Air-sub, JBL LSR-4328, Sony MDR7509HD


Keyboards: Nord Stage 3 (88 & 73), Yamaha C7, Hammond XK3c, MiniMoog, Moog Little Phatty, Fender Rhodes Mk 1, Roland Fantom, Roland Juno 106, Dave Smith Prophet 8, Access Virus Ti2, Korg microKorg.

Other: Various guitar, string and percussion instruments, amps, FX pedals and outboard gear.


In-house mastering offers a total integrated package for our customers.

Many clients are now opting for a fully integrated mixing and mastering package. This has many advantages now that most recordings are destined for streaming or online purchase. Not only does this provide a considerable financial saving, it also gets your recordings online or onto CD far quicker. We master with Steinberg Wavelab, Lynx converters and Dynaudio Air 20 reference monitors. For those who prefer to have their tracks mastered externally, we can deliver un-mastered recordings in any format.

Contact us to discuss your exact requirements and pricing. Tel: 0419 961 399 or tony@studioinnovations.com.au.

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