The Bay By: Joseph carvalho and Lillian butler


The Bay area is a Movie Set

A movie set consists of multiple people working together to create something beautiful. Just like our astounding Bay Area.

Descriptive Essay

Every sight is new, every breath is fresh, and every thought is clean. A magnificent place where bitter, sour, and sweet fill every sense. The one place where the feeling of joy, fear, pride and faith go hand in hand.

The Bay Area is the place that repulses just as it attracts. The quiet crashing of the waves against the shore, intertwined with taste of salt in the air is almost comforting with the sound of ships getting farther away.

The Golden Gate Bridge is a sight for sore eyes. The magnificent fog attracts cars to get lost in it’s mysterious lanes. Once in the city, the first scene you will consume is the walls covered in Golden State Warriors murals promoting their trophy of a basketball team. You are given constant reassurance that the virtue and the sin haunt every man, woman and child that pass by. Yet their soft voices intrigue your curiosity and the pleasant smell of street throw you into a memory. A memory of a time where everything was perfect and blissful ignorance kept you safe.

Golden state Warriors Stephen Curry

Golden Gate Bridge

The city is the one place that allows you to see how beautiful things once were. The art around every corner sends a tingling up your body and a tear down your cheek. Every step you take reminds you of how the cracked sidewalk and damaged walls used to be new and clean. The murals stare into you and judge you, and constantly reprimand you for forgetting the importance of feeling the beauty that is all around.

The taste of the city food sends you into a nostalgic coma, spending every possible moment trying to keep this feeling deep in your soul.

Double Cheese Burger

As you walk out and into the cool, brisk air, a familiar feeling tickles your senses. The way the air dances off your lips, making you close your eyes and inhale that melancholy, empty feeling that begs you to stay. It was the reminder that even through all this good, the reminders of what is gone sicken your emotions. It is a sign that all is not what it once was.

Our Story

In San Francisco Bay area, there's a model of diversity with many different things to be discovered. It's a big and crowded city with people on every street and many people in every building.

Here, they have everything that you need to make a person happy and live right-housing, clothes, food, jobs, schools, and many forms of entertainment.

You can buy whatever you need at almost every store. Now one thing you can't buy is your happiness.

Oh by the way I'm Tristan. I live in the bay area and this is where the magic happens. I live in this small one bedroom apartment, just me, attend UCSF, and work as a cashier. All the homes nearby aren't crowded and everyone seems to be very wealthy. Most people around don't have kids but their are a few that live in the neighborhood.

Tristan's Apartment

Many resturants have different mouth watering tastes. They have American, Italian, Mexican, Chinese and many other foods to chose from.

Even the desserts...Amazing.

Fentons Ice Cream

As people walk down the busy streets of San francisco, they are usually in a hurry, but we happily greet as many people as we can as we pass by. As if it's our spare time, people often like to listen to music according to there mood at the moment as in Hip Hop (E-40 and Mac Dre), Pop, Jazz, classical and etc.

Hard Rock Cafe

Everyone goes out of there way to make sure that everything that they need to do get done gets done.

Especially when it comes to other people they don't mind helping anybody else. We like to make sure people are happy and loves themselves.


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