Backbone behind the beauty Millennium Park, Chicago, Illinois

Jose Tuzmam. Head of irrigation, 12 years.
"This is the jewel of our city. We're very proud to work here and be able to keep it nice every single day," Tuzmam said. "It is where I have worked for the last 12 years. Fifteen years ago it was a lot smaller. Everything has changed and evolved since then."
(Translated from Spanish)"We are cleaning the leaves that fall in autumn, but we also clean the snow when the time comes. It's a lot, there are about four or five roads to clean."
Adrian Tuzmam. Irrigation staff.
"I work with irrigation, so we make sure everything has water throughout the entire year. Right now, we are winterizing the irrigation system," Tuzmam said. "It's a big project and many people are involved to get it done. We have a team of eight men working in the park, airing out the system with huge air compressors."
Using machinery, maintenance at Millennium Park transfer fallen leaves onto their truck.

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