Reach For the Stars September 2020 Newsletter By: K&C

Welcome to our September Newsletter!


  • RFTS charity was founded by Kira Reid & Carlos Aragon in June 2020. While we fine-tuned our 3 programs, we quickly realized we had started something that was much bigger than expected. People from all over the United States were contacting us to assist or get assistance. With each passing week, our numbers grew with force. Although we can only physically help locals, we are doing our best to be a resource for anyone in need by providing the information they seek.
  • RFTS is thrilled to connect with you by sharing our “work”, dreams, announcements, successes and upcoming events.
  • We would love this newsletter to be interactive as well as be an open floor, so please message us if you would like to share your story in a future article.


  1. RFTS has received Arizona Nonprofit approval and is now awaiting IRS approval.
  2. Website: RFTS Charity is HAPPY to have launched a CHARITY GIFT SHOP: Go to gift shop tab in the website menu! (100% of the purchase price will help fund our 3 vital programs). To view: go to www.rftstars.com/shop OR click here

What's been happening with the programs?

#1 - Our Food Program

We've provided approximately 12,000 meals to 148 people in September alone, yes that’s correct, TWELVE THOUSAND!

RFTS has a few clients that will ensure they use every ingredient given. One client has been so creative, she has even put babybell cheese into the middle of ground meat for cheese burgers.

Another client was pregnant and so excited to receive prenatal vitamins in her hygiene box. RFTS had no idea she was pregnant, just wanted to give her some vitamins.

“Omg how did you know I was pregnant!!!!? I needed those vitamins! omg thank you thank you thank you for everything oh wow! I love you guys so much. You answered prayers you guys!” ❤️❤️🙏❤️❤️

People seem to be satisfied with RFTS. 62% of our clients are returning and are able to receive food 2x/month.

At first, we could only take non-perishables donations. Then... a wonderful veteran family gave us a fridge/freezer which allows us to store a variety of cold food items including veggies, meat & dairy products. RFTS is now also blessed with plenty of hygiene items to give out courtesy of Pinal Fire & Medical District and our private donors.

In just a couple months, massive improvements have been made, thanks to YOU! Our Supporters! Thank you! -RFTS Team

#2 - Homeless Outreach Program

Swapping Trashbags For Backpacks

Homeless Helping the Homeless

We met 2 light hearted men with a beautiful story. Even though their circumstances might have not been the most ideal, they still choose to smile and volunteer every day at a local church which they state helps other homeless. They explained to us how they have received more help from other homeless people talong their journey then actual organizations. These two were so nice, open and grateful. They said thank you. That's a thank YOU to everyone who has donated items to RFTS!

On a normal day, we fill up the truck with homeless outreach backpacks (filled with tons of great stuff) and drive around Tucson in search of the homeless that are in-need. However, in September, we received messages from 7 different homeless souls asking for help! SEVEN!! This is exactly what we want; a relationship, rapport and trust. This was an exciting moment for RFTS. It means RFTS Charity is reaching our homeless community!!

7 homeless beauties reached out to RFTS this month! 18 more were served.

The thing about our homeless isn’t an immediate change... it is about compassion and building rapport. They are hurting (deeply). Once they are ready, we are there with the resources available (whether transitional housing, rehab, shelter, doctor etc) for them to Reach For The Stars ⭐️

"Sometimes I feel so alone that no one even notices me. God bless you guys for stopping to say hello, and making my month. Tonight I'll tell all my friends that there are people who still care about us. Thank you for this! Oh man this is like Christmas morning, God bless you folks". -Buck (Homeless, yet human)
We had a family volunteer, donate their chore money, learn about compassion & make backpacks for the homeless. This day will not only stay with them for years, to come but has also inspired us here at Reach For The Stars. What a beautiful thing to witness.......... hope for the future.

#3 - Monthly Star Party Program

News: We added an astronomy webpage! Carlos still has a lot more he wants to add, but so far, so good! Click the button below to jump to the site page.

Astronomy Lovers Gift Shop (for Charity) has been added to our website as "gift shop" in the menu! Items are quality, fun and attractive i.e. space gifts ranging from astronaut socks to posters! Prices have been raised from MSRP, with intent to raise money (100% of the sale price will fund our 3 Charity programs). To view, go to www.rftstars.com/shop

Our telescopes for kids order came in!

"The Future Lies with Today's Children & Tomorrows Space Exploration"

With the help of YOU, we raised nearly $800 and placed a large order of 25 telescopes from Starizona, our sponsor. We are happy to announce that we've already given 7 away, impacting over 20 children/adults. If you would like to help us continue to spread hope and inspire our youth, then this program will touch your heart! Please click the button below to jump to our website donation page.

These scopes are already inspiring children as we speak. And we still have many to go. Kids and adults will be able to look up during hard times, and gain interest in science and space. One child stated that "all they wanted for their birthday was a telescope like their grandpa." With the help of RFTS, her wish was granted and now she can view the sky anytime she wants.

Here are some of the people we gave telescope to in September. Now imagine how much fun a child can have seeing Saturn's rings!

She had asked her mom for a telescope before we even met. The stars really aligned for her!! How cool is that!?

Spreading joy and inspiration is one of our missions and thanks to everyone who donated to the Telescopes for Kids (TFK) program, it's WORKING. This is where your money goes 😊❤️🔭🌠❤️ Spreading smiles and hope across the galaxy.

The family was so surprised that we showed up with a telescope. Both children were so excited to start exploring the sky's that they started arguing over who was going to keep it in their room!😂❤️

A fun photo from a fan :)

RFTS loves when children come out of their shell, share their talents and creativity. This image was drawn by a local teenager who is aspiring to be an artist. She gave it to RFTS. We had to share!


Congratulations Tammi H. Your photo (shown below) brought so much attention and stunned us! What an amazing piece of memorabilia from the Apollo program! We had a handful of entries but this one stood out. Thank you all for participating and don't forget to submit your next image to be featured in our next newsletter!

Each month, we will feature a special image presented by one of our community members. If you would like to participate (and we hope you do) please send us your submission before the last day of the month. The only guideline is that the image needs to be related to astronomy or space. Examples would be (but not limited to): a captured picture of the moon, a star, a telescope, or perhaps a model rocket. We would also love to see any subject-related artwork, an object in a museum, and especially something “out of this world” your child has created. The best or most creative impressions will get posted. We can’t wait to see what you turn in!

A sneak peak at where your donations go...

Families that your helping every week!

RFTS Financials

Found at www.RFTStars.com

What we need & how to donate?

Food Pantry: Cold & pantry food items, snacks, canned food, boxed meals etc.

Homeless Outreach: Backpacks, mini hygiene, small foods, blankets, beanies, gloves & long johns

Star Party: Telescopes, lenses, small telescopes for kids/teens, future scholarship $ for inbound college students (STEM degree), Upkeep $, equipment, tripods etc.

If you prefer to donate monetarily 100% goes straight into the 3 Charity Programs:

Zelle: RFTstarsorg@gmail.com PayPal: RFTstarsorg@gmail.com CashApp: $RFTstars Check: Payable to: Reach For The Stars 10895 S Arrowhead Spring Drive Vail, Az 85641

**contact us for a receipt if you donate online**

Also, below is our Amazon Wish List (feel free to add things you think are good to have (Awaiting Amazon Smile):


Current Company Supporters/Partners

Thank you Jenny Motzkin!
Thank you Dean!!
Thanks you all for the phenomenal support!

As each month ends, we reflect on the words of those that have been affected in a positive way by these programs. Each and every person sends a heartfelt thank you, and will remember the time when they were desperate, and someone came.

End - September 2020 Newsletter

Created By
Carlos Kira


Main Photos by Carlos Aragon