Jim Crow By: Owen Duggan

Politics of the Jim Crow Era : During the Jim Crow certain laws were set in place taking away almost all Civil Rights.

One of the biggest parts of a person civil right is having the ability to vote. Looking back on our history we come to realize that African Americans did not nearly have the right to vote during the Jim Crow Era. Certain test were set in place for blacks to determine whether not they have the right to vote. Lots of African Americans at the time had very little education. Whites knowing this put in these test in place to make sure that the African Americans would have the majority of the vote. Similar to this idea of keeping blacks from voting another way this was done was by taxing them. During this time blacks were extremely poor, and found it very hard to find jobs. Some may have been stuck sharecropping or other very low paying jobs. The whites decided that the best way to keep them from voting was to tax them amounts they couldn't pay. In doing this, many blacks decided they would not pay the taxes. Now even if you could pay these prices and pass these test you would have to have a relative who could vote. Unfortunately almost all blacks relatives didn't ever have the right to vote. This meant that it was almost literally impossible for blacks to vote at the time. By placing this unfair laws in whites were able to sustain control in society.

Social of the Jim Crow Era : During the Jim Crow Era many Stereotypes were made for blacks causing people to have negative views.

During the Jim Crow Era there were many laws set in place by society that had to be obeyed, but weren't official law. One law that was set in place says, "sexual relations between blacks and whites would produce a mongrel race which would destroy America." Meaning it was illegal for any African American males to have any interactions with white females. During the era it would be extremely dangerous to actually even be near a white female sometimes. Blacks could simply be accused of flirting with whites, and then could be killed. Simple things such as greeting a white female falsely could get you killed. If acts were committed like this, or even be conspired to happen whites would become enraged. Mobs of whites would form, and they would lynch African Americans. This meant that blacks would be burned, beat, and hung to death. This put a lot of fear into the lives of Africa Americans at the time. During this time whites tended to label themselves as superior which caused major problems in society.

During this era there was also a large amount of stereotypes placed on blacks. When certain roles in plays that included African Americans a white person would usually play the role. The problem is when they would play these roles they would follow a specific stereotype. Whether it was being a hooligin or having big lips it was still very offensive. At the time whites believed that it was funny when these roles were played. Actors would create the "illusion" they were black by painting their face black. The Jim Crow for many stereotypes for black non of which were very positive.

Economic : During the Jim Crow Era Blacks did not nearly have the same opportunities as whites.

The Jim Crow Era was a very hard time for blacks as far as making wealth. You would never really see any African Americans higher then the middle class. This is because strict rules were set in place basically keeping them making any large amounts of money. One extreme example of this would be sharecropping. Sharecropping was basically a way for whites to scam African Americans. The blacks would have to give a certain portion of crop to their land owners, but then the owners would raise the amounts. In doing this the blacks could not pay if off, and then they have to pay it off next year. Usually every year it would be raised, and it would be passed down to the next generation. There was also certain laws set in place keeping blacks from getting all the costumers they could get possible. One of these law says, "No colored barber shall serve as a barber (to) white girls or women." Laws like these were set in place basically keeping blacks from selling to all costumers. Usually if blacks were to well to whites they would have to give them special treatment. A way to attempt to fix was called the Economic Bill of Rights. This bill basically said that everyone including blacks should be able to raise a family. This meaning that everyone should make enough income to provide for a family. This was good because then blacks stopped becoming so poor, and it made new opportunities for them.

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