Gordon Parks By: Evode iraguha

Where is He From?

Gordon lived during the civil rights era, along with poverty and racism against African-American races, and was considered a photographer. Gordon was born November 30, 1912, to Sarah Ross, and Jackson Parks, in Fort Scott, Kansas. His father was a farmer who grew all kinds of plants. Gordon attended a segregated elementary school. His town that he lived in at the time was too small to come up with the funding to make a separate high school to facilitate segregation of the secondary school.

Significant Event

At the time all blacks were discouraged from seeking a higher education or going to college. Parks participated in a documentary relating to his life and being told by his teacher that college for him would be a waste of money. As a young boy, Parks experienced a lot in his life. When he was eleven years old, he was picked on because of his race. When he was fourteen, his mother died which was really hard for him to let go of, also knowing that he feared his own death. He moved in with relatives, but was later let out onto to the streets at only 15 years old. He had to go from job to job and even state to state to look for a better life. These things in his life probably had the most impact on his artwork/career.

Meaning of His Artwork

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