Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Juan Mejia

Nature on Display


The moment one enters the museum, one is reminded of the grandiose nature of the exhibits that lie within. This exhibit is unmissable. It lies in the entrance to the museum. I found this exhibit to be specially appealing because it connects my world to the past. The bones presented are of a mammoth, an extinct animal. the exhibit caught my attention with its splendor and size, something that can only be achieved through first person encounters. A part of the exhibit is tactile. There is a life sized mold of the mammoth's teeth. People are able to touch and hold it, creating a personal interaction with the exhibit. The exhibit taught me about the extinction of mammoths and their size. My experience at the museum was specially enjoyable because I was able to reconnect with an old friend who worked at the museum and talked about the exhibits. I was able to go "back stage" and take a look at the storage. I was able to talk to some personnel of the museum and helped with some procedural things while I was visiting. the exhibits are also very tasteful and realistic.

Nature and Ethics

The museum of natural history provided me with the opportunity to experience nature to a certain extent. While the museum did a wonderful job at teaching and displaying different aspects of our environment, the only way we can fully connect to the land is by going out and experience it by yourself. There is only so much that a museum can do to connect a person between nature and the human spirit. To better understand our environment, a museum provides the facts and information necessary. The museum is, however, a great way to get people who do not have access to nature to experience the environment. One must understand that the real world is not comfortable, and that the way that humans adapt to those harsh circumstances defines our relationship with the environment. The museum did a great job at displaying different habitats and environments in which different organisms live. The museum allowed individuals to connect with nature with hands-on/ face-to-face interactions with the exhibits themselves. For a long time, I have been an environmental advocate. I have camped and experienced Florida countless times and I love it. I have been a strong believer that we, as a society, have a moral and ethical responsibility to our environment. The museum reinforced my love for nature and specially Florida.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Me and the museum

In many ways, a visit to the museum of natural history is a very personal experience . It is what you make of it. For some people, it is a medium in which they can learn about their natural environment and some history. The museum does a wonderful job at being interactive. There is a exhibit about pre-Columbian inhabitants of Florida. This exhibit is captivation because they recreated a hub which native-Americans used to use. This exhibit helps us step out of our daily lives because it allows us to enter someone else's life and the environment that the inhabit. Other exhibits such and the under-water one helps us see the world from a different perspective and present ideas we normally do not think of. Exhibits like this help us appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world by introducing us to different places and make us realize how strange they are from our own.

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