Digital Imaging Portfolio 2016-2017 Fall Semester

Crab On The Moon

The crab on the moon was one of the first photoshop projects we did. We had to cut out the crab from an image of it in the sand and place it onto a background of our choice.

Courthouse and Fireworks

For the fireworks and courthouse image, we had to cut out the sky behind the court house and replace that with an image of fireworks. Then we had to add a overlay color on the courthouse to make it look more realistic.

Photo restoration

For the photo restoration project, we had to improve five different images. Specifically for the paper image, we had to photoshop out all the lines without distorting other parts of the image.

Comic Book Cover

The comic book cover was one of my favorite projects. We got to choose one of five comic book covers, and color it to our preference. In this project I practiced shading and lightening parts of the different characters to give them more dimension.

Haunted House

For the haunted house, we had to take a picture of an old house in the day time, and transform it into a haunted house during the night. To get the haunted house effect, we had to change the shape of the house and add in a night time background, rain, and fog. I also added in a creepy figure at the right side of the house for fun.

Surrealism Project

My surrealism project was probably the project I spent the most time on this this semester. The earth is supposed to represent mother nature and the snow, flowers, leaves, and water are supposed to represent the different seasons. The overall message I was trying to get across is that nature is an all powerful force in the world, anytime of the year.

Cat Painting

For this artwork, we took a normal picture of a cat and photoshopped it to make it appear as if it was a painting. To get this effect, we had to put a layer of "paper" over the original image and painted over it with the art history brush and a pattern of the cat. We also flattened and embossed the image to make it look like it was painted on a canvas.

Flower Painting

The image of the flower is one that I took myself. I used the same techniques that I used to make the cat picture appear as if it was a painting, to create this.


This image of the word "vector" was the first word that I traced on adobe illustrator. With drawing this word, I practiced drawing curves and lines. I slo learned how to subtract the inside of the letters "O" and "R".

Kellogg's Logo

The Kellogg's logo is an image I traced on illustrator using a template. I had to trace around the red part of the word and then set the stroke to the outside of the word to create the white outline.


To create Gir, we were given a template we had to trace and fill in on illustrator. After drawing and filling it in, we added details such as the shading on Gir's body and face.

Minnie Mouse

For my final project I created on illustrator, this semester, I drew Minnie Mouse. I took an image from google, created a template with it, and then drew on top of it and filled it in to replicate Minnie mouse. When drawing Minnie, I learned how to use the Live paint bucket tool and the width tool.

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