Montgomery Bus Boycott By:Nick Quinnell

The Montgomery bus boycotts stated when a black women names Rosa Parks was on a bus and refused to change her seat when told to in 1955. Because of this she was arrested and fined for breaking the law. Her goal was to stop the problems on the bus. doing this she had to face the obstacles of segregation and racism from white people.

A bus from 1955

After this African American people started to boycott the buses by walking or car pooling to places instead of taking the bus. This was taking place on december 2nd 1955 to december 20th 1965. The goal of this was for African American people to get the government to changer their bus rules to make them fair for both white and black people. The people that were involved in this were Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, African american civil rights activists, and other people that believed in equal rights between white and black people.

Martin Luther King

Because of the protests the U.S. supreme court ruled that segregation on public buses is unconstitutional. The impact of the protests on today is that there is no more segregation between white and black people. You can relate the protests to the black lives matter protests because they were both fighting for civil rights.

people walking instead of using the bus

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