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Take Away

Through this service learning project, I believe I gained a lot as a person and as a professional.


I believe with the project being more of a probono job, it made it more about the design, and less about the business side of things. I found this kind of refreshing in comparison to my freelance jobs I have done because there wasn't a worry about a contact or payment or the stresses that come along with that. Plus, I felt good to give something to a community that is truly trying to improve themselves. And they aren't just for revenues sake, but for the betterment and inclusion of their community. Lastly, it was nice to have more creative freedom than I sometimes have, which I think was good for me and the community because it gave a fresh perspective on what they were trying to communicate to the community and newcomers.


From a professional stand point it was similar to one other project I had done where I had to collaborate with a group instead of an individual as a client. In some ways it made it more difficult and easier in another aspect. It was more difficult because you had to receive more approval from additional people who might have slightly different ideas on how the end design will turn out. Plus, it's a little harder to pitch and convince the client that your design is the way to go when there are more people. On the other hand, having a group as a client can provide you with more ideas as to what they envision the final design to be. This could be bad if everyone has mixed opinions, but in this case it helped narrow it down. So, overall it gave me a better sense of how to work better with a group as a client.


Time & Software

During this class, this project definitely required the most time in comparison. This was mostly because of trying to reflect on what the client wanted/needed during the design process. Plus, working with two programs (Illustrator and Photoshop) required additional time. I used both because I felt that I could get the effect and look I was trying to go for by using Photoshop as well. However, those designs were not chosen in the end. The prep and actual presentation time actually took awhile too because I wanted to make sure that the delivery to the client was right.

Most Helpful Aspect

The most helpful aspect of the project was probably actually meeting the board in person. I have worked with other people and you only communicate with them over phone and email, which does make it more challenging to work with them and understand what is needed.

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Zachary Kravits

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