Peanut Proud 2018

For years, I falsely attributed the following statement to Winston S. Churchill: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” What he actually said was “What is the use of living, if it be not to strive for noble causes and make this muddled world a better place…” Bottom line, the peanut industry is a fine balance between give and take. Farmer’s give what they can to their land, sellers give what they can to their customers, and in turn, customers drive the need for the product that keeps us all in business. But the peanut industry goes above and beyond profit margins. Throughout the industry, you see farmers helping neighbors in need, plants sharing knowledge to increase efficiency, and customers donating their products to help those in need. Peanut Proud is one organization that seeks out ways to give back to the communities who support all levels of agribusiness. Every March, Peanut Proud participates in a celebration in Blakely, Georgia to encourage peanut-related education and consumption by inviting communities to participate in a parade with live music and local vendors. This year alone, Peanut Proud has donated over 100,000 jars of peanut butter to foodbanks, schools, and shelters across Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, North and South Carolina. Peanut Proud was also able to send a graduate student to The International Association for Food Protection conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, where I had the distinct pleasure to present Mengfei Ping with a scholarship to further his studies on peanut related gut health. This fall, Peanut Proud will continue to spread our roots by providing additional peanut butter to communities throughout the peanut belt as well as encouraging other to give back with our info-booth at the Live2Lead Leadership Simulcast in Albany, Georgia. I want to encourage everyone reading this to give back – give back to your neighbors, your local businesses or just a stranger in need. Peanut Proud thrives off the donations of the agricultural community and we could not do these amazing these without those of you who feel the desire to make this world a better place. No contribution is too small. No contribution goes unnoticed. What may seem like a small act of kindness of your part, goes a long way towards encouraging some else to give back as well. That chain reaction has endless possibilities – and they all start with a peanut.

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