#OneLongReach Restorative Justice Initiatives 2020/2021 Building Belonging and Togetherness

Our Foundation
#OneLongReach Mission
  • Building belonging and togetherness
  • School culture increasingly informed by Restorative Justice
  • Promoting inclusion and challenging racism and marginalization
  • Creating a community that has authentic and positive relationships across differences
Our OneLongReach Initiatives

OneLongReach Team

  • Core team and function identified through work in 18/19SY
  • Meets monthly to review actions and practices that influence culture in the school.
  • Team members trained in Restorative Justice and Implementation
  • Working within the current school framework, building on previous work.
  • Reports back to school leadership

Restorative Justice Instructional Teams

The most intensive Restorative Justice work at Long Reach

Reach Academy

  • Centralizes relationships as the key to learning
  • Mission - To accelerate student achievement through the first year of high school
  • 80-100 students taking four core subjects in Reach Academy classes.


  • In 2020-2021 staff team begins training in RJ work

Student Services

  • In 2020-2021 staff team begins training in RJ work

Community Engagement

Community/Staff Book Study

  • Stamped book study
  • Sponsored by the LRHS Media Center
  • 10-15 participants in Fall 2020

Community Check in Series

  • One each month
  • Open to all members of the LRHS community, designed to create dialogue, make connections and help process important topics throughout the school year.

Partnerships with Local Community Groups

  • Celebration Church: mentoring, supporting our shared diverse community
  • Grace Community Church: support our English Language Learner community with ESOL classes for ELL adults at Long Reach

Staff Development

Article discussion groups

  • All staff members during PIP time Fall 2020
  • Discussion driven by articles connected to inclusion and anti-racist themes
  • Create discussion in community leading to action

Restorative Justice Training

  • All staff received the Little Book of Restorative Justice in Education
  • Training through the Restorative Justice Partnership, the Howard County Education Association
  • 15 staff members trained in Restorative Justice Peace Circles. More training during the year
  • 26 staff members trained in Restorative Justice
  • Stamped/This Book is Anti-Racist Book Clubs
  • School to Prison Pipeline, Adultism & Racism workshops
  • Restorative Conversations Training

Student Voice Activities

  • Student Panel/Online Student Check ins
  • One Long Reach Days used intentionally to develop staff members and students together
  • Feedback from Student Voice activities shared with staff in facilitated conversations

Student Voice

Online Student Check-Ins

  • At least twice a month
  • Student led
  • Faculty supported

Lightning Town Hall

  • At least twice a month (when in person)
  • Open forum for any student during Lightning Time

Communicating Feedback:

  • One Long Reach Team compiles feedback from students from Lightning Town Hall, One Long Reach Days, and other events and shares student concerns and responses from school organizations through Canvas, on announcements, and in facilitated discussions with staff.

OneLongReach Days

  • The first experience for most students and staff in Long Reach Restorative Justice work.
  • Partnership with HCPSS Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and the Human Rights Commission.
  • Three whole day events (100 students and 20 staff).
  • Students from all 4 grades, most selected randomly.
  • Staff members representing a cross section of the faculty.
  • Group activities to help participants develop empathy through experiences that promote togetherness, leading to feedback on how to improve culture at Long Reach together.
  • Feedback shared with Core Values Team, SGA, and Administration.
Thank you to the HCPSS Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion, The Restorative Justice Partnership, Howard County Education Association, and the Howard County Human Rights Commission for your support and leadership.

Other Resources

Webinar including Kenny Porritt (LRHS educator) and other HCPSS educators talking about Restorative Justice during online learning: