Renewable Energy PHYSICS


Advantages of solar energy are that it can be easily accessed and does not produce any emissions. However disadvantages include the fact that it is very experience.

Passive solar design ves designed buildings to make the most of the sun's natural heat, so that less electricity is needed to produce excess heat.

Active solar heating is a simple way of using the sun's heat to provide hot water for homes.


Advantages of hydroelectricity include:

  1. Once construction is completed, operating costs at substantially low
  2. No excess waste is produced or environmental pollution
  3. Electricity can be generated constantly because water can be stored efficiently and used as and when it is needed

Disadvantages include:

  1. Hydroelectric dams are very expensive to build
  2. Sites are also often remote, which leads to higher distribution costs as it is produced further away from where it is needed
  3. Suitable sites for large-scale projects are hard to come by

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