Jeopardy Rocks Bottom Pick

Jeopardy Rocks is a cute vegetable themed Jeopardy Game. There are no bells or whistles, as in music or special effects. The graphics consist of vegetable team captains, the question board, and scoreboard. Teachers can use this game to review material in class by creating an account. Some limitations are that the program is not student interactive. The teacher selects the questions and enters the scores from the teacher station. Teachers cannot print the questions and answers unless the pro version is purchased. Elementary students might enjoy a vegetable themed game, but it is doubtful higher grade levels would be enthusiastic. The website has not appeared on any previous AASL best website lists. The website does not appear to be supported by a sponsor or adds. Jeopardy rocks would be a bottom pick, since websites like Quizziz and Kahoot exist, which have greater individual student engagement.

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Nellie Johnson

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