between heavan and earth by kyle schilling


After the death of his grandfather Dj's DJ’s task is to take his ashes up to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, a place he never got to go to during his life despite flying many missions over Africa. A natural athlete and leader as the oldest of the seven cousins, DJ has no trouble understanding why his grandfather chose him for the job, expecting his trek to the top be more like a walk in the park as opposed to a real challenge.some of the challenges include many delays and dangers. Along the way, DJ discovers his own strength will only take him so far though, and learning to take things slowly and rely on others just might get him further than he would if he were alone.

My connections

One of my connections is between DJ and me that connection would be leadership skills this is a important skill to have in life these skills helps DJ get thru the challenges he faces this also would help me some changes.

My last connection would be DJ aletesisim this would help him thought the book this also helps me with many challeges

And a bonus connection is my confodice is very similar to dj this shows thought out the book.


Created with images by Unsplash - "matterhorn switzerland mountain" • Jonas B - "Mountains" • Lee_seonghak - "climbing wood palgakjeong"

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