Chemical Weathering By: Daniel Adornetto

Acid rain is one of the biggest reasons for chemical weathering on this planet. Mixed with the combination of CO2 and water it can become deadly to the environment. Not only does it wither away rocks and other materials, but it can also change the form of it, for example: Potassium feldspar can be changed into a clay like material.

As stated above this is the process in which felspar is transformed into clay:

Human impact actually plays a huge part into why acid rain is on such a rise. Because of air pollution, that started in the industrial era and still now huge amounts of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are released into the air. These chemical compunds when mixed with the rain can create the acid rain we see. Which is why we see these compromised foundations that create holes in the ground. As one can see a lot of what humans do create not only pollution but also create the reason why the environment is falling apart

So the final question here is, what is the solution? As humans who should care about the environment around them, we should find a new source of energy. Factories should try to find a new way to create power that doesn't cause smoke to rise in the air.

More solar and electrically powered cars would be beneficial. Those type of cars would drastically change pollution.

Another way is to find a way to restore the life that humans destroy in the environment. As a society we should be looking to take care of the very planet we live on. Without it we are nothing. So learning to repair the environment because of the acid rain we cause would benefit not only the environment, but also us.

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