school shootings schools should offer more security to prevent school shootings from happening

Why do people have the intentions to hurt other students? Kids have the intentions to hurt other students from the way they have been treated, since people have not stopped bullying, they don’t know the harm they have caused, kids could either commit suicide, or come to their school with a gun and start a massacre, sounds messed up, but it’s true. In 2001 in mexico a school has been through a shooting and lost 1 student in the process and leaving 3 critically injured. Investigations went through on the school to figure out how the firearm was obtained. “Unlike the United States, the Mexican Constitution creates a distinction between the right to own arms and the right to bear arms. While Mexican citizens are allowed to keep certain low caliber pistols and rifles explicitly permitted by law within private residences, carrying any kind of weapon, openly or concealed is prohibited, unless authorized by the Mexican department of defense.”

Why do people blame the kid that starts the school shooting? Parents that lose their children always go straight to the parents of the kid that causes the school shooting being in denial that it was their kids fault for causing it, even if they were just bullying the kid it can still cause traumatic consequences. From the pittsburgh post-gazette the quote, “it’s wrong to stigmatize the mentally ill as violent.” this shows that it’s wrong to criticize and bully people, because you don’t know what they have been going through and just saying one wrong thing can cause major damage to them and make them go insane.

Why do people post on social media about these shootings? People who start school shootings usually post on social media about what is going on to try and get help from people in the school. But kids usually ignore it and move on until it actually happens and regret not saying anything to anyone when they saw the post. They usually put up posts of them holding a gun up and try to act like they are going to use it to try and get attention and to see if anyone cares. When they find out nobody responds back it usually makes them feel left out and sad about their life.

Do we need better security in our schools? During December 14th 2012 there was one of the worst school shootings ever, 27 confirmed dead including 18 children. This proves that schools need more security to prevent this from happening again. To prevent families losing their children, during these shootings multiple children are confirmed dead at the end usually including the shooter, so we should pass something to have more security in every school, even though it will be expensive its better than losing the lives of innocent children.

How can we prevent this from happening? During a shooting in a school's cafeteria a kid comes to school with a crossbow and kills, students, a teacher, and a cafeteria worker. This kids mother will have to suffer as well from the crime he has caused, how to prevent this is kids who want to do this crime usually have signs that you can see, when they are sitting alone, being bullied posting pictures of them holding a gun, and looking up guns on the internet. If you see these signs talk to the kids try to talk them out of it offer to help them, it’s the right thing to do. Otherwise this will happen to your school next.

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