Medieval Torture by xavier flieg

Ordeal by Water

The accused had their hands and feet tied together. They were then thrown into water. If they floated they were guilty but if they sank they were innocent.

Ordeal by Fire

They had to hold a red hot iron bar and walk 3-4 steps. Then they would have their hands wrapped and have to come back next week to see if they healed or not. If the wound was beginning to heal they were innocent if it wasn’t they were guilty.

Ordeal by Combat

A noblemen would fight the accuser usually to the death. Who ever one was considered to be right.

Punishment of theft

f you were caught stealing then you would ether have huge fines or have your hands cut off.

Punishment of treason

The culprit was hung then cut down while he was still alive. Then he was beheaded, and cut up into four quarters and was sent to different cities throughout the realm, and was put on public display.

Punishment of Witchcraft

They would go and burn you and a steak if you were found guilty of witchcraft.


Created with images by Jirka Matousek - "Moravská Třebová"

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