Chapter 9 Good People, Bad Behavior

This chapter covered a lot on cyber bullying. Some of the main points made were how many people don't know the real definition of cyber bullying and that it changes based on each state, school, and person. Another point is that many people unintentionally cyber bully and don't mean to really hurt you. But the bullying can also be purposely. Bullies like to go online because they can hide behind a screen and be as mean and hurtful as they want without seeing the victims face and reactions. The chapter also covers many cyber bullying words and definitions. He also states that people are all good at heart, but the internet is an easy way to lose sight of right and wrong. The chapter gets wrapped up with advice for cyber bullies, victims, and bystanders.

In my opinion this chapter is very informative on the different types of cyber bullying, how to deal with them, and why bullies are more harmful online. I think that this chapter isn't just helpful for the victims, but everyone involved or having the possibility of being involved with cyber bullying.

My favorite passage from the chapter is, "I believe that most people are fundamentally good. People want to do the right thing, and they want to help one another. Sometimes though, their judgement drifts without their even noticing. From an outside perspective, it's easy to see that what they are doing is hurtful and wrong, but, in the moment, it may not be quite so apparent."

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