What I learned about the American Revolution BRANDTE PATTENGALE

The first thing I learned about was the Sugar tax. After the seven years war British held the biggest debt in the world. So, British enforced the sugar act on the other countries. British enforced this act to help get them out of debt. After protests duties went down a lot.

The second thing I learned about was the repeal of the Stamp Act. Colonial protests make the British repeal the Stamp Act. The Colonial protests were brutal and expressive. The Colonists were more ticked off about how the British ignored the Stamp act.

The third thing I Learned was how Adams organized the first Committees of Correspondence in Massachusetts. After one was set up in Boston, some towns set up similar organizations. They exchanged letters that kept alive opposition to British policy. Trading from colony to colony was the best way to trade. The Boston Harbor was the best trading place in the colonies.

The fourth thing I learned was about the Boston Tea Party. About 100 people dressed up as Indians and boarded a ship. They smashed open 342 chests of tea and dumped them into the Boston harbor. They used tea referring to a badge of slavery.

The last thing I learned about was when the Parliament passed the "Tolerable acts." The Tolerable act closed the port until the damages were paid. Restrictions were placed on town meetings. It made basically a law that officials who killed colonists in line of duty could now be sent to Britain for trial.

The battle of Lexington and Concord was basically a search and destroy mission. British wanted gun powder so they would have supplies for themselves. They were also supposed to get Samuel Adams and John Hancock. Shots were fired and 8 Americans were killed. This battle really ticked a lot of Americans off. The Americans won the battle of Lexington and Concord.

The Bunker Hill was a big battle in the war. This really shaped the war it set the tone for the rest of the war. It also proved that the war was going to be ugly. Bunker Hill was a very important battle.This British ended up winning the battle.

The battle of Trenton was another ugly battle. The British's army's really destroyed the Americans Army's. The British's big size overwhelmed the American's. The British won the battle of Trenton.

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