Underwater sets and effects

Working on Location

The Red Sea has been the most spectacular place to film for the natural beauty of locations but working in the Caribbean is so much easier and more practical t0 make a job happen.

Working in a tank

There are many tanks in a lot of the older traditional stages, but they are not necessarily designed for filming underwater but for water effects on a stage to be seen from above the surface.

Purpose built tanks for filming underwater with temperature control and serious filtration that I have built sets in, include Pinewood U stage, Action Underwater, Malta Mediterranean film studios and Fox studios Baha.

Olay Kelp commercial shot in Pinewood studios U stage. Director Sue Worthy underwater dp Mark Silk, set made by Carmel @ Scenic Sets Kelp by Asylum Models

The model was buddy fed air by 2 divers supervised by Dan Travers

Mark Silk with his own housing.

Each Silk ribbon was agitated by water pumps working much the same way as a fan does in air

Lighting silks lit from above and aided by underwater HMI's

GRP coral held in place by scaffolding

Construction at Scenic Sets

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