"Reflections of a Childhood Friend: Memories of Anne Frank" by Alison Leslie Gold November/December 2016 AR Biography Activity

"The dream is so prophetic, it's almost eerie and it expresses Anne's concern and tenderness toward Hannah, her oldest childhood friend." (p. ix)

Based upon the text, "prophetic" means an accurate description or prediction of something that will happen in the future.

"These tragic times brought about extraordinary attributes in both young girls whose childhood friendship and growing up was abruptly interrupted." (p. ix)

Based upon the text, "abruptly" means suddenly, or unexpected.

"Anne was outspoken, even impudent; she loved having fun. She was more interested in socializing and boyfriends than Hebrew lessons." (p. 2)

Based upon the text, "impudent" means to be disrespectful of or to someone or something.

"Ilse and Jacque had recently moved into their circle. Jacque's mother was French. She worked in a posh shop and the other girls thought she was very chic. Ilse was reserved and pious." (p. 18)

Based upon the text, "pious" means devoutly religious, with a deep belief in God.

"Then he produced another official-looking document and explained that because of his high position back in Germany, they'd been put on the Palestine lists to go to the Holy Land. There were over forty list and they were on the second list. Mr.Goslar became exuberant." (p. 25)

Based upon the text, "exuberant" means filled with a lively energy or excitement.

"The tension built all day, and by evening everyone was in a state of hysteria. On Monday and Thursday nights the camp police came to each barrack. They read out the names of people who were scheduled to be transported out of Westerbork the following day." (p. 51)

Based upon the text, "hysteria" means exaggerated or uncontrollable emotions; mainly of dread or agony.

"She was glad. This meant she was not alone. In groups there was at least a feeling of camaraderie, as if they were all survivors of a shipwreck, together in a lifeboat." (p. 53)

Based upon the text, "camaraderie" means a spirit of friendliness among a friendship.

"It was a story of a king who challenges his knights to dive for a golden goblet that he has thrown deep into the dangerous sea. Because the sea is so tumultuous no knight dares to dive into it."

Based upon the text, "tumultuous" means marked by disturbance; dangerous and disorderly.

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