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My Name is Marcus Twitty...

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Also known as Zwei....

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I'm a content creator from Virginia who does freelance graphic design and video editing. I'm also a writer and public relations professional who focuses on topics about pop culture, video games, and geek subculture. I have a passion for tech, social media, and creating communities.

I believe that a community manager and a content creator is someone who both understands their audience but also adds a touch of their own uniqueness. I also believe that a community is a network of individuals that fosters positivity, growth, and passion within social interests. These individuals range from simple consumers of media to individuals who regularly engage with media from debating, to creating fan art, to shoutcasting, to even actively tweeting support for a product or personality.

Adobe product creations inspired by Twitch streamers, Youtubers, Fandoms, and Companies

For me my focus is on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram while also focusing on digital media outlets like Youtube and Twitch. I make it my mission to engage with streamers, youtubers, and other content creators as much as possible. It allows me to network, but also learn from those who also understand the growing and evolving digital medium that we all engage with today. But also like to engage with those who have an interest in Esports. For me my favorite team would have to be Counter Logic Gaming.

Examples of how I would add to CL Gaming's Design and Aesthetics
Cthulhu Gamer

As a narratologist...

I love writing stories, telling stories, creating worlds, and presenting adventures to everyone I know. When I was a kid I loved reading stories about these distant worlds and adventures that people my age could go on and experience. And as I grew older, the first video game that I ever played involving story was Quest for Camelot. I loved that game because the story was amazing and I felt like I was in the adventure with the characters. So after that, I wanted to be a writer and learn how to make video games. While studying Professional Writing at ODU, I learned about the complex process of creating a story for an interactive medium.

As an Artist...

I'm an artist with limited drawing ability. I can't hold a pencil, pen, or any writing tool without it being a destruction of art itself. In theory, I can't draw my way out of a paper bag. So I use adobe, microsoft, unity, unreal engine, and sony products to get my art and my message out there. I use what limited resources in filming, recording, and photography I have to make some of the strangest things that you will ever see. I believe in making something out of nothing, regardless of whether or not I have the latest equipment.

Miss Galaxy

My Digital SOS

Digital Jellyfish Garden

Example of Style

Evil Eyes

Cthulhu Gamer

Are you ready for summer?

My Digital Garden

The forest

Hipster Galaxy

Solar Cafe

Look At The Fishes (Still Image)

Galaxy Gangsta

For Me...My Brand is Everything....

You will never find another Zwei whose personality is well on the entertaining extremes. There will never be a Marcus Twitty who finds art in the deep web of digital spaces. You will never find someone who is constantly thinking about how to evolve a brand, how to use effective Public Relation skills, how to change an image, and how to spark interest the way I can.

You will also never find a guy who will talk about his experience with technology and life the way I can.

And visually, if you stick with me...I'll show some awesome things you won't get with any other brand.

The Zwei Brand

So What is the Zwei Brand?

It's a mixture of hacker/doxx subculture where you will find elements of grunge, gothic, urban, fantasy, science fiction, and gaming all rolled into one. Zwei brand blurs the fantasy with reality. I like to think of it as having two mindsets: The Creative vs The Rationalist.

The creative is all over the place with splashes of bold colours, always seeking more, always opening doors, and always sparking intrigue. He loves his fiction and storytelling. He doesn't just test the limits of fantasy, he pushes it. His boldness is in his art and what he does more so then what he has to say. And he's also critical of his art. He doesn't speak much but he let's his art do most of the talking. And if you listen carefully, you'll get a lot of it.

The Rationalist is a businessman, scholar, and flirt . He's also an amazing researcher, project manager, and tactician. He's confident in what he does, he asks questions, he takes control of the workflow, and if you trust him he'll give you what you want and more.

His colors are uniformed, he's the person using text in the art, he rationalizes everything, isn't moved too much by words but will move anyone to do what needs to be done if lent an ear. His manner of speech ranges from the business jargon to the gruffest of gamer speech, it just depends on the audience he's presenting to.

That is my brand: A two natured individual who makes the most of what little is given to him. Someone who can turn the craziest dreams into reality. Someone who knows the ins and outs of business while adding his own personal touches.


Zwei is a twenty something geek who gives life advice, rants about pop culture, and is a little over the top. Zwei promotes Twitch Channels, Video Games, and pokes fun at pop culture. Zwei is a performance personality and parody of myself. Zwei is a way of communicating ideas and feelings that I'm not able to get across as myself.

So Who Are You?

My name is Marcus Twitty, the creator behind Zwei. I'm a 23 year old public relations freelance content creator who is interested in video games, geek subculture, and technology. I love engaging with different communities and I'm looking for somewhere to show off my skills.

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