GMO Salmon By: Levi baxter

GMO- (genetically modified organism) a organism that has been genetically engineered by replacing its gene with another gene from another organism.

  • For this project I have decided to do Genetically modified Salmon. The pictures of the salmon are in the background on the slide show.
  • This genetically modified organism is known as the AquAdvantage salmon. It is a atlantic salmon that has been modified genetically so that much faster and larger than a normal salmon. A growth hormone from a pacific chinook salmon, with a promoter from a ocean pout, was added to the atlantic salmon's genes. The atlantic salmon, with the addition of the gene, now have 3 genes instead of the normal 2. The genes added allow the salmon to grow year around instead of just spring and summer. The main goal of this GMO being put out is to have the salmon grow to market size within 16-18 months instead of 3 years like the normal salmon.
  • Aquadvantage salmon where created by aqua bounty technology's. They created this salmon to allow markets to have much bigger salmon. The salmon also come in at a faster rate allowing the markets to earn more money.
  • Pros-Pros of GMO's are, resistance to insects and bacteria, tolerance for extreme heat and cold allowing crops to grow year around, and less chemicals, time, and machinery are used for GMO grown crops.
  • Cons- Cons include, potential allergies and diseases, cancer, and a lowered resistance to antibiotics.
  • My stance- My stance on Gmo's is positive. Through my research I have found that there has been a lot more pros than cons. Like this Salmon. By adding genes to the salmon from another organism it is allowing the salmon to grow at a much larger and faster rate. This is causing the salmon to appear in markets all the time instead of just season by season. Also, GMO's are helping out in other areas to like crop growing and medicines. GMO's are allowing crops to grow year around instead of just one season out of the year. So in conclusion, GMO's are helping this society way more than hurting it. I can't wai to see more Gmo's out and about on this earth weather its in nature or in our house.


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