The Southern Colonies Finley F.

Come to the southern colonies so you can be warm, bum bum bum bum bum


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The geography of the southern colonies is not very rocky. It has very good soil so you com farm and grow crops well.It has very weather and North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia were the most valuable colonies out of the 13.

Reason For Founding

The southern colonies were founded for these reasons.The southern colonies were a safe place for Catholics.If you lived in South Carolina,North Carolina,or Virginia, Georgia was filled with criminals so if anyone attacked through Georgia, would beat the army up so they wouldn't be so powerful when they attacked.The reason for Georgia being filled with criminals is because South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia were so valuable.

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The climate in the southern colonies were very warm. All day there would be sun and it wouldn't get to cold at night like in the other colonies also the beaches are beautiful!

The Natural Recources

In the southern colonies their is pretty great soil for farming and producing crops. The southern colonies have great fertile farmlands and rivers so they can build lots of ships and trade with other places.


People in the southern colonies did these things to make money. They ran farms and plantations, they grew indigo, and the reason why they made a lot of money is because usually only kings got to wear purple.They also made money from growing rice, tobacco and cotton.


These famous colonists lived in the southern colonies!!!!!!!!!

John Smith,George Calvert,Lord Proprietors,the Charter of Carolina, and James Oglethorpe!

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