Global Asset Development Group Pitch Document for Private Offering

Before we get started

This Reg D 506 C Private Offering is only for those individuals or married couples who qualify as Accredited Investors. Unfortunately, this does not include those who can be designated at "sophisticated investors". A definition of who is an accredited investor can be found here. This part of the website is intended to promote to Qualified Investors. If you have reached this website in error please go to our Global Asset Development Group site by clicking the highlighted text.

GADG wants its investors, clients, vendors and employees to know that we believe that great profit can be had in doing the right thing. Our goal is to challenge the status quo by building business models that are innovative, sustainable, resilient, and highly lucrative. GADG's mission is to take the devalued and make it valuable.

Now that we got that out of the way, what are you looking for as an investor?

Steady Long term growth? Potential for Explosive growth? A dash of luxury sexiness? How about doing all of that while backing all these transactions with real estate assets and operating like a Closed End Fund-from a business model and returns standpoint. All while being a highly profitable corporate agent of change all over the world? If that's your kind of investment--you are in the right place, keep reading.

Urban Redevelopment, African Mineral Distribution, and LUXE Golf

What are we doing?

Global Asset Development group and its limited Partner Kayson Golf, are poised to transform devalued golf courses into five-star Resorts and three Michelin star dining distribution centers for the greatest innovation in clubs in 50 years. At the same time revitalize, from the ground up, the people and property in 3 distressed metropolitan areas in North America. While this is building steam Global will be buying and selling tons of needed precious stones &minerals from Africa to buyers in the west.


At some point and time, we've all been "that" guy or gal on the golf course. That guy that's lost in the woods hunting a ball--again. That gal that no one wants to partner with on a "best ball" game. Wouldn't you (and everyone else) want to be "the" guy or gal? The guy who can drive the green in two, or the gal they call first to set up the foursome. The fact is most golf equipment is one size fits all, and unless you are a 6 '1, 185 pound man with the strength and flexibility of a jungle cat,literally, it becomes a matter of you adjusting to the equipment and living with your shortcomings and the results. Kayson has solved the issue by offering over 500 physical customizations to allow the golfer to get the best game for their body. Got a bad back? There is an adjustment for that. Large hands? Another adjustment. Prosthetics or unique body features? Kayson has got an adjustment to help. These are high-quality clubs, custom tailored to the individual. All the clothing and equipment are customized to them as well. Colors, logos, bags can be customized to you so you can make a statement without saying a word. Check it out:

Everything you see can be customized to the individual even the gloves and balls. Here is the best part-- our million dollar investors get their own set of clubs and instruction by PGA tour Master Teachers. Wait until you see what Kayson is going to do with the ball market- say goodbye to your Pro-V1s.

Golf Resort/Distribution Development

One of the challenges of crafting a piece of customized art is the golfer has to be measured. An app doesn't feel right at this price point. Quite frankly, a department store environment just feels wrong. What's needed is a luxury setting that a golfer can come in and feel relaxed, get measured, maybe have a three Michelin star lunch, or a spa treatment while they enjoy being at the resort and meeting their PGA Master Teacher. Once they become a member they can stay at any one of our "Worlds Largest Country Club" properties for free provided there are openings. They can enjoy world class food and entertainment as well as all the exclusive amenities that the resorts have. We are working with an ultra premium hospitality badge to provide day to day management and quality to the resorts. See the Private Placement for more information.

Urban Property Development

We can use the same model for Golf Acquisitions to acquire large blocks of devalued land in urban areas. There is a great change that can happen we gentrify the gentrification process. Progress cannot be halted but those affected by it can benefit by being given a chance to participate within the community standards. There are great gains from a labor, materials, and management standpoint from this approach. At maturity, GADG will be able to do more at a higher quality- at less cost to us. Atlanta, Jacksonville, Charlotte, New Orleans, Orlando, Miami and more can all use this approach and Global will see billions in delivering it to them.


If you know it or not Africa fuels our modern world. Your phone, big screen televisions, and computers all have materials that were mined in Africa. Some were legitimately mined others-not so much. When minerals are not distributed legitimately, the country and its citizens do not benefit. More importantly, there's a great chance that someone in the supply chain is being exploited. And we feel that business costs are never a reason to allow that to happen. Global has contacts that can help legitimize our business in at least three countries. We will have the ability to verify the entire distribution network from ground to us. Tons of diamonds, tungsten, cobalt, lithium, and other minerals can be distributed legitimately and millions of products can be made as a result at or equal to the non-legitimate price.

What is the bottom line?

These are some great legacy building undertakings. To be completely honest you are not investing in them-- 80 million would only scratch the surface. What you are investing in is our professional ability to successfully capitalize a loan syndication system. That will give us over a billion to initiate these projects AND return your investment with 12.5% interest in 24 months. After repayment, you will get the chance to roll ten percent of your investment into the stock of our company at a discounted market rate. In addition, you will get rights of first refusal on stock offerings over the next 5 years. As stated before, our million dollar investors get a custom set of clubs and exclusive invites to our resort openings and milestone events. Here is what you should remember- You get the safety of a secured investment back by tangible real estate assets, the profits of a blue chip stock that can be converted in a closed end fund that has multiple companies under its umbrella. Now, what more could anyone want?

Now let's get started. Request a hard copy of our offering here

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