Unit 3: Lesson 1A: Where were you?

With the help of this song, practice the past tense of "to be" (click on the song)

Copy the title of the lesson "Where were you?" into your notebooks, write the question Where were you last weekend? and answer it.

Open your books, p 51¸and with the help of IZZI listen to task 3 (zvučni zapis 3.1). In task 3a you have to fill in the gap with the appropriate preposition (in, on, at), and in task 3b you have to choose the correct answer (a, b or c). IMPORTANT! Always listen to the recordings twice!

Workbook, p 72 - exercise 1a and 1 b; exercise 2; exercise 3 - write the sentences for the pictures in exercise 2 Where were they last week? - WRITE THE SENTENCES IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE IN YAMMER (not in the workbook);

Workbook, p 73 - exercises 5, 6, 7, 8. After you finish them, check with the recording on Vocaroo where I've recorded the solutions.

IMPORTANT! Time expressions - yesterday, last week, two years ago... - are usually at the beginning or the end of a sentence! (Oznake vremena su oblično na početku ili na kraju rečenice)

EXTRA! If you want to practice the past tense of "to be" some more, here is a Youtube video.

EXTRA! If you want to practice the past tense of "to be" some more, here is another catchy song.

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