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Video About the Riots

Background Information

The Birmingham riots of 1963 happened in Birmingham, Alabama. What lead up to these riots was the city of Birmingham banned all protesting unless you had a permit from the city to protest. The civil injustice and lack of voting rights for African Americans lead to them testing the city government by protesting because it is against the First Amendment of the Constitution to not allow people to have their freedom of speech.

Goal of the Riots

The goal of the Birmingham Riots was to test the outlawing of the freedom of speech to protest in Birmingham, and to push for civil and voting rights for African Americans. Important people involved in this event were Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi who both preached on peaceful protests. The people in Birmingham didn't use violence because of these figures preaching about non-violence ways to get their rights.

Obstacles and Outcome

The main obstacles that the people in Birmingham faced during rioting was the police brutality. Police would use dogs, hoses, nightsticks, and their handcuffs just to stop the African Americans from peacefully protesting. To get over these obstacles, they continued to peacefully protest and then in May of 1963, local officials began to desegregate Birmingham by taking down "white only" signs.

Lasting Effects

This event impacts today by showing racism in its pure form. It shows police brutality for people expressing their rights and it was publicized national through television and newspapers. This also was the beginning of desegregation which lead to The Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Modern Inequality

After Trump being elected, there were plenty of people who were not very happy and used their 1st amendment and protested. These protests were completely harmless and peaceful until police showed up. Once the word got around that police were present, anarchists showed up to the protest and began to taunt the police officers. The protesters were attempting to make these anarchists stop, but they didn't. The police then proceeded to tear gas the peaceful protesters instead of the anarchists. This is a lot like the Birmingham Riots due to the fact that these people were just expressing their rights and were attacked by the police.

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