Freedom And Equal Rights By: BROoklynn cooper

Have you ever experienced racism? I will be discussing two articles and the book To Kill A Mockingbird and how they relate to each other. The first article that I will be talking about is ‘The Black Panther Party’ by Garrett Albert Duncan. And my second article is called ‘This week in race’ by Leah Donnella. They all relate because all of them are talking about racism and how we the people can overcome it.

I think the Black Panther Party kind of relates to To Kill A Mockingbird because when one women, Lula, criticizes Calpurnia for bringing white children to their church. But everyone else didn’t really care. So to me I think they relate because the Black Panthers didn’t hate white people, they hated the oppression.The first quote that I’m going to be doing is from To Kill A Mockingbird. “You ain’t got no business bringin’ white chillun here - they got their own church, ain’t it miss cal.” This is the first time that Jem and Scout has ever experience racism. And they feel like the object of someone else’s racism. But then reverend Sykes welcomed them into the church by saying, “everyone knows their father”. To me he is saying that everyone is welcomed no matter what your race is. The next quote that I am going to be talking about is from my first article called ‘Black Panther Party’. “We don’t hate people because of their skin, we hate oppression.” To me he is saying that they hate how they are being treated because of their skin. Color doesn’t matter to them, but how they are cruel to African Americans that’s what they don’t like.

To Kill A Mockingbird and my current event relate to each other because in court African Americans were not treated fairly. In my current article I found that, after a mistrial in the case of Michael Slager, the police officer who shot Walter Scott in the back, he did not go to jail, still it was a video of Walter Scott being shot on April 5, 2015. People are wondering whether a black man can ever hope for justice in the courts. So the first quote that I am going to be talking about is from the book To Kill A Mockingbird, “I seen that black nigger younder ruttin’ on my Mayella.” Mr. Ewell called Tom the N word in court and no one cared about it. Knowing that it was no evidence of Tom hurting that young girl, he still went to jail for something he did not do. My second quote is from my current article, “In New York prisons, black inmates are disproportionately assigned to the worst jobs and living spaces.” This to me means that black people are not treated as fair as the whites are. African American in jail live worst than the white people in jail which again is not fair.

The main points of this whole essay is that the book and the articles has a little racism. Racism is important to consider because it shows how unfair the court room can be to African Americans. Also how bad we the African Americans were treated.


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