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I have what might be both good and bad news or happy and sad. Mrs. Finch will be retiring at the end of the school year, good news she will still be in the building often as the coordinator for our gear up program. Due to mrs. Finch's retirement it has opened up 8th grade science. I will be moving to the room next door and working with mr. Dewitt, we will both be teaching 8th grade. For some of my students this will be an okay announcement if they like my room, and for some they may still have me next even if they did not enjoy my class. either way the computer does the split and I am so very excited to present chemistry, genetics, and weather to your students. I am already looking forward to next school year.

We are finishing a lab report on monday in which your students were give a photo of onion root tip cells under the microscope and they worked to determine the stages of division and collect the data for the stages to make a circle graph. the report is formal and includes all the steps of the scientific method. most reports have remained with me to avoid loss or damage and the need to restart the work. If you have a student who brought theirs home please remind them to bring them with them to school tomorrow.

Onion Root Tip Cells in Stages of the Cell Cycle

As time gets closer to June 1st the kids are really struggling to focus. Testing is beginning week 2 for our 7th graders and the schedule for the week is a little messy as well. we are still pushing ahead and grades for awards will not be collected until the 26th. it is very important that our students remember to focus and go to google classroom for resources and assignments. reviewing nightly what they did in each class that day is also very helpful or running through QUIZLET and vocabulary.

STill learning all the ins and outs of true collaboration and the skills of successful group work. This week we focused on Active listen which includes not just hearing, but understanding the speaker, using body language and not thinking about a response only summarizing the intent of the speaker.

GCS News

students are allowed to keep their chromebooks over the summer if they are registered for the 2017-2018 school year. check the district web page for information about collection of chromebooks for those not registered.

Dates to Remember

  • May 1 Onion Cell Lab Due
  • May 5 Oaks Day NO SCHOOL
  • May 10 Bats Game Louisville
  • May 14 Mother's Day
  • May 23/24 JA Field Trips
  • May 25 Pride Trip to Country Lake
  • May 26 Final Grades Pulled for Honors and Awards
  • May 29 Memorial Day NO SCHOOL
  • June 1 Awards Program for 7th Grade at 1:30
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