G, Radka art 1 and 2 portfolio

The principles of design describes the ways that artists use the elements of art in a work of art. The Principles of design are harmony, contrast, variety, proportion, movement, pattern, rhythm, balance and unity.

Principles of Design

Balance is one of the principals of design. Balance is the way the elements of art are arranged. There are 5 subsets of balance which include formal, informal, radial, asymmetrical, and symmetrical.

Principles of Design (balance)

The elements of design can be thought of as the things that make up a piece of art. They include line, space, shape, form, color, texture and value.

Elements of Design

My personal goals:

  1. love and take care of my body
  2. learn how to cope with things better
  3. be less anxious
  4. hang out with friends more
  5. spend more time in nature
Goal Card
Self Portrait Pretest
Hand Pretest
Perspective Pretest

Contour line drawing, is a technique used in art in which the artist sketches the contour of a subject by drawing one or a few continuous lines. It results in an outline of the subject.

Contour Drawling of Hand (this was done blind)
Contour Drawling of Various Objects (this was done blind)
Contour Drawling of Shoe
Contour Line Drawling of Bones

A gesture drawing is a quick drawing that captures the essential gesture of a subject. These subjects are usually in motion or doing action poses. Gesture drawings are normally composed of short "sketchy" lines.

Gesture Drawlings

Chiaroscuro is used to describe the dramatic effect of contrasting areas of light and dark in an artwork. A chiaroscuro drawing is made using both light and dark values to create the illusion of three dimensions.

My Eyes
Value Scale
One-Point Perspective
Two-Point Perspective

The young eland that I created was made for the One Home puppet show. This show raised money for LIV and Chatham United Way. Liv provides homes to children whose parents have died from AIDS in South Africa. Chatham United Way helps to increase the financial and human resources available for providing human care services to chatham county residents. We had lots of help from our Artist-In-Residence Donovan Zimmerman. He taught us how to construct the puppets from just some cardboard, newspaper, paper–mâché, paint and some fabric.

Young Eland (on right)

Pop art is art based on modern popular culture and the mass media, especially as a critical or ironic comment on traditional fine art values.

Pop Art 1
Pop Art 2

Surrealism is a movement in art that aimed at expressing imaginative dreams and visions free from conscious rational control. Some techniques of surrealism include visual metaphors , scale, distortion, juxtaposition and symbols.

In my graphic art piece, the smoke represents me because you can see smoke, but when you touch it disappears. Paint represents me because i’m a creative and imaginative type of person. The skull represents non-conformity because i’I’m a person that strays away from societal norms and try to stay true to myself.

Digital Surrealism 1
Digital Surrealiam 2

In my mask, I used the mandala to represent indian culture with has interested me throughout my life. I used a lotus to represent my struggle to be outgoing around new people. I used a vine of leaves to represent my growth as a person. I used a moon to represent my constant changing as a person. I used a closed eye to represent how I isolate myself. Lastly I used a mouth to represent my love of talking to new people.

surrealism clay mask

In my self portrait, the media used was watercolor, acrylic, and colored pencil. I really enjoyed creating this piece because it really made my look at my true self. I feel self portraits not only make you learn to love your physical self but it makes you learn to love yourself in a non physical perspective.

Blue-Violet Self Portrait

Growth Statement

I learned how to do many new things in art this year. I learned about the principles and elements of design which are the building blocks to creating a piece of art. I also learned about I also learned about contour line drawing which is a technique used in art in which the artist sketches the contour of a subject by drawing one or a few continuous lines. I also learned about chiaroscuro which is a technique that uses light and dark values to create the illusion of a 3-dimensional object. I also learned about Surrealism which is a movement in art that is aimed at expressing imaginative dreams and visions free from conscious rational control. I learned about various artists that heavily influenced the art world such as Henri Matisse and Frida Kalho. I lastly have learned how to make art through various mediums such as graphite, clay and acrylic.

Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon

Artist: Pablo Picasso

Artwork Title: Les Demoiselles d'Avignon

Medium: Oil on canvas

When and Where: Paris, June-July 1907

Why this is my favorite work of art.

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon is my favorite work of art for many reasons. Firstly, I like this piece because it shows the beauty of the human form. I also like it because of the unique pink and blue color scheme. Lastly I liked this piece because it really speaks to me and makes me happy to look at.

Art 2 Portfolio

Design Thinking Unit

Elements of Art
Principles of Design
Acrylic Techniques
Acrylic Techniques

Stanford Design Thinking

The Stanford Design Thinking steps are empathize, define, ideate and prototype. When you empathize you discover the person's needs. When you define you pin point there need into some sort of idea. When you ideate you elaborate those ideas. Ideation usually include brainstorming. Lastly, prototype is when you create a mini model of your idea. When we did this in class my person needed a way to stay calm and relaxed. One thing that helped her relax was a popular game called minecraft. So I created a minecraft bracelet for her to help her relaxed and calm all the time.

Stanford Design Thinking

Vans Shoe Contest

For the Vans Shoes Contest we first has to empathize with our target audience and find their needs for a North Carolina based shoe. We asked what some important landmarks were of North Carolina were, what some symbols of the state and the Pittsboro were, and what some ways of life in North Carolina were. We then had to define what we were going to create. We defined that we were gonna make a shoe that was going to include some important landmarks, symbols, the geographic landscapes of North Carolina. We the further elaborated our ideas and ideated. Lastly we created a prototype of the shoes.

Stanford Design Thinking Mindmap
Stanford Design Thinking Interviews
Thumbnail sketches for shoes

Artist Statement

For my shoes I used various symbols, landmarks and landscapes. I used symbols like the oak tree, the flag, etc. I used landmarks like Shakori, S & T’s, and the triangle. I used landscapes also like the beach and the mountains. I wanted an over free flowing feel to the shoes. Since North Carolina is so open and flowing from the roads, to the people, to the countryside I thought this would go well. I did this by filling the space with a purple fade. I wanted my shoes to be a full embodiment of North Carolina.

Prototype for Vans Shoe Contest

Empathy: Empathy is Important in the designing of products because it allows you to find the needs of your target audience.

Design Thinking: Design Thinking impacted my design, production, and making of art by changing the way I thought. I made my thought process more organized and helped me to come up with an idea in a timely manner.

Geographic Locations: Geographic locations effects design, production, and the marketing of art by forcing us to use the resources around us. It also limits us to what's available and what is sourced there.

Thumbnail Sketches

While doing thumbnail sketches one thing that I found difficult to sketch was John Lennon. Some things that I found easy to sketch were the flowers.

Thumbnail Sketches
Thumbnail Sketches
Thumbnail Sketches
Thumbnail Sketches
Thumbnail Sketches

Printmaking Unit

Planning Pages
Planning Pages
Drawing of Design
Positive and negative space scratch art
transfer of image

Artist Statement

For my block print I wanted to convey two feelings. One of those was a feeling of a feeling of growth and one was a feeling of struggling towards that. My bock print shares the story of my mother’s struggle with breast cancer. Having breast cancer caused my mom to have immense suffering. She had incredible pain, body dysmorphia, emotional distress, and severe depression. From it though she learned that the pain goes away, you should love your body no matter what, and that there is alway a light at the end of the tunnel. The thorns in my block print represent her struggles. The flowers in my block print represent how she grew from this unfortunate situation. In this piece I wish I had left more solid sections of positive and negative space. I also wish I had been more careful when carving. Regardless although I believe this was a successful piece and I am happy with how it came out.

Final Editions
Creative Print ink change
Creative Print background change

Art 21 Artists Storytelling

Art 21 Artist (Kiki Smith)

Independent Project


For my independent project I knew I wanted to create a girl pulling apart her skin revealing her heart. I love doing portraits and I knew adding this twist to one would be challenging but fun. I wanted to create a melancholy feeling and I wanted the piece to have a lot of emotion. These planning pages convey the first ideas I had for the piece. I never fully drew it out because I knew what i kinda wanted in my head. So these pages were mostly me drawling out the parts I knew would be difficult and preparing for creating the piece.

Planning Page
Planning Pages

Process Images

For my painting I first did an underpainting. In art, an underpainting is an initial layer of paint applied to a ground, which serves as a base for subsequent layers of paint. Underpaintings are often monochromatic and help to define color values for later painting. There are several different types of underpainting, such as veneda, verdaccio, morellone and grisaille. Next I began to block in the highlights and shadows of her hair. Then i began to block in her facial features and eventually because to shade her face. Next I shaded her hands with acrylic and colored pencil. Then I shaded her body and blocked in the color for her heart. Then I shaded her heart, added finishing touches, and I was done.

Just under painting
Under painting with hair shading
Painting Anatomical Heart

Final Painting and Artist Statement

In this piece I used contrasting warm and cool colors to make the piece stand out. I also used a dark background to give it an ominous mood. I wanted this piece to have a lot of emotion. It represents a feeling of isolation. It also represents many peoples struggles with mental illness. The heart represents the feeling of being vulnerable and being hurt. Overall this piece represents a lot of the struggles I have faced my sophomore year. It represents all of the hard things i have struggled with and how I got through them.

Final Painting

Art 21 Connection: Independent Project

Art 21 Artist ( Kara Walker)

Kara Walker and my artwork are similar because they both portray lots of emotion.

Kara Walkers Artwork
Vincent van Gogh
Vincent van Gogh's Art

Growth Statement

This year as an artist I have learned that I have many strengths but also many weaknesses. I am a good painter but when it came to block printing I struggled. I like the freedom of paint and how you can fix mistakes but that was not the case with block printing. I see the theme of people developing in my work. I love studying portraits and the human figure. As an artist I would like to begin to get better at perspective. I would also like to continue to work at the things i’m not as good at like block printing. I have learned to use many different mediums such as linoleum, acrylic, charcoal, ink, colored pencil, graphite etc. I have grown as an artist in many ways. I have gotten much better at painting and drawing and i have begun to experience new mediums. I have enjoyed art 2 very much and i loved learning new things.

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