G, Radka art 1 portfolio

The principles of design describe the ways that artists use the elements of art in a work of art. The Principles of design are harmony, contrast, variety, proportion, movement, pattern, rhythm, balance and unity.

Principles of Design

Balance is one of the principals of design. Balance is the way the elements of art are arranged. There are 5 subsets of balance which include formal, informal, radial, asymmetrical, and symmetrical.

Principles of Design (balance)

The elements of design can be thought of as the things that make up a piece of art. They include line, space, shape, form, color, texture and value.

Elements of Design

My personal goals:

  1. love and take care of my body
  2. learn how to cope with things better
  3. be less anxious
  4. hang out with friends more
  5. spend more time in nature
Goal Card
Self Portrait Pretest
Hand Pretest
Perspective Pretest

Contour line drawing, is a technique used in art in which the artist sketches the contour of a subject by drawing one or a few continuous lines. It results in an outline of the subject.

Contour Drawling of Hand (this was done blind)
Contour Drawling of Various Objects (this was done blind)
Contour Drawling of Shoe
Contour Line Drawling of Bones

A gesture drawing is a quick drawing that captures the essential gesture of a subject. These subjects are usually in motion or doing action poses. Gesture drawings are normally composed of short "sketchy" lines.

Gesture Drawlings

Chiaroscuro is used to describe the dramatic effect of contrasting areas of light and dark in an artwork. A chiaroscuro drawing is made using both light and dark values to create the illusion of three dimensions.

My Eyes
Value Scale
One-Point Perspective
Two-Point Perspective

The young eland that I created was made for the One Home puppet show. This show raised money for LIV and Chatham United Way. Liv provides homes to children whose parents have died from AIDS in South Africa. Chatham United Way helps to increase the financial and human resources available for providing human care services to chatham county residents. We had lots of help from our Artist-In-Residence Donovan Zimmerman. He taught us how to construct the puppets from just some cardboard, newspaper, paper–mâché, paint and some fabric.

Young Eland (on right)

Pop art is art based on modern popular culture and the mass media, especially as a critical or ironic comment on traditional fine art values.

Pop Art 1
Pop Art 2

Surrealism is a movement in art that aimed at expressing imaginative dreams and visions free from conscious rational control. Some techniques of surrealism include visual metaphors , scale, distortion, juxtaposition and symbols.

In my graphic art piece, the smoke represents me because you can see smoke, but when you touch it disappears. Paint represents me because i’m a creative and imaginative type of person. The skull represents non-conformity because i’I’m a person that strays away from societal norms and try to stay true to myself.

Digital Surrealism 1
Digital Surrealiam 2

In my mask, I used the mandala to represent indian culture with has interested me throughout my life. I used a lotus to represent my struggle to be outgoing around new people. I used a vine of leaves to represent my growth as a person. I used a moon to represent my constant changing as a person. I used a closed eye to represent how I isolate myself. Lastly I used a mouth to represent my love of talking to new people.

surrealism clay mask

In my self portrait, the media used was watercolor, acrylic, and colored pencil. I really enjoyed creating this piece because it really made my look at my true self. I feel self portraits not only make you learn to love your physical self but it makes you learn to love yourself in a non physical perspective.

Blue-Violet Self Portrait

Growth Statement

I learned how to do many new things in art this year. I learned about the principles and elements of design which are the building blocks to creating a piece of art. I also learned about I also learned about contour line drawing which is a technique used in art in which the artist sketches the contour of a subject by drawing one or a few continuous lines. I also learned about chiaroscuro which is a technique that uses light and dark values to create the illusion of a 3-dimensional object. I also learned about Surrealism which is a movement in art that is aimed at expressing imaginative dreams and visions free from conscious rational control. I learned about various artists that heavily influenced the art world such as Henri Matisse and Frida Kalho. I lastly have learned how to make art through various mediums such as graphite, clay and acrylic.

Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon

Artist: Pablo Picasso

Artwork Title: Les Demoiselles d'Avignon

Medium: Oil on canvas

When and Where: Paris, June-July 1907

Why this is my favorite work of art.

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon is my favorite work of art for many reasons. Firstly, i like this piece because it shows the beauty of the human form. I also like it because of the unique pink and blue color scheme. Lastly I liked this piece because it really speaks to me and makes me happy to look at.

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