The Divine:A Play for Sarah Bernardt Spark Story Palmer ALvarez

The Spatial Experience-My feelings as I entered the auditorium were feelings of excitement. I did not know what to expect from the play and was looking forward to seeing it. My friend and I got there early in order to get a good seat and we were seated on the fourth row in the pit area that was surrounded by the stage which made the performance even more special because the actors performed right next to us. When the lights dimmed and the crowd quieted I began to feel focused. Everything else going on outside of the auditorium no longer mattered and it was just the audience and the actors. The size of the auditorium did not affect the experience much because I was in the fourth row, but the size of the stage affected it because it gave the actors a lot of room to work with and the set was able to be much more detailed than it would have been with a smaller stage. The role place plays in the good life is the comfort levels you have in your place. If you are not comfortable where you are, you are not in the right place. At the play, the people working it made me feel very comfortable and I was able to thoroughly enjoy the play.

The Social Experience- I attended the play with a friend of mine that I have known for a very long time. In order to prepare myself for the play, I put on clothes appropriate for the theatre, looked up where the theatre was located and looked into what we were supposed to do for this assignment while at the play. Attending this play with a friend made it much better because I had someone there to wait in line with and talk to during intermission. Then after the play we were able to reflect on this shared experience and tell each other what we thought about the play.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience- In my opinion, the central issue addressed in the play was the issue of poverty and just how rough it can be to escape poverty. Before I attended this play, I never really thought much of poverty and how it can affect some people's lives, I have never had to struggle for much but I now realize that some people have to struggle for basic things. I also see just how hard it can be to break this vicious cycle and make something of yourself when you start off with nothing. I wouldn't say this subject matter has any relation to what is going on in my own life, but it is definitely something that is very prevalent in todays society and affects many lives around us.

The Emotional Experience- The Divine gives us the opportunity for katharsis by reflecting on some of the issues that affect society both today and back then. These issues include poverty and social injustices such as the church trying to stop Sarah Bernhardt's play from happening just because they disagreed with the material. This was a common theme back then as the church pretty much controlled everything. The talk back after the play was also a good time for katharsis. We were able to discuss some of the issues going on in todays society and reflect on how theatre is a good way to present social issues.

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