Photos: A year in review Prestigious speakers. International visitors. New beginnings. Incredible campus views. At the close of 2019, UWL Photographer Michael Lieurance takes you back through some of the year’s most memorable moments — in photos.

Top, UWL students snowshoe through Forest Hills Golf Course with Grandad Bluff in the distance. Bottom left, a student walks by Hoeschler Tower on a snowy day. Bottom right, icicles hang from lampposts in front of Graff Main Hall.
To qualify for world finals, Janelle Kopa had to earn sufficient points at National Ninja League qualifying events. At the world finals, more than 40 percent of all pro competitors fell on the first obstacle. Kopa is proud to have completed it. Read more at https://news.uwlax.edu/ninja-warrior-2/
UWL Microbiology Associate Professor Bonnie Bratina and a student take water samples through the ice at Pettibone Lagoon.
Students show off their metal creations during Creative Imperatives.
2019 Women's Track and Field Seniors.
From left, Rep. Jill Billings, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers and Sen. Jennifer Shilling led a press conference at Prairie Springs Science Center to show support for Phase II of the science center.
UWL’s Anti-Islamophobia Working Group organized and held a vigil by Hoeschler Tower in response to the tragedy that occurred in Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand.
A worker refurbishes mortar joints during the Wittich Hall renovations.
A group from the Global Pungmul Institute came to UWL to perform traditional Korean music and dance.
A spring snow covers tulips in front of Graff Main Hall.
UWL junior and biology major Ashley Lardy uproot Buckthorn as part of an effort to clean up Grandad Bluff on Saturday, April 20, 2019. A total of 135 volunteers turned out — 26 were UWL students. Read more at: https://news.uwlax.edu/bye-bye-buckthorn/
Students enjoy warm spring weather.
UWL Student Hanqing Wu walks by a UWL sign on the corner of 16th and State streets.

Blackhawk helicopters transport ROTC cadets from a field near the Onalaska YMCA to Fort McCoy for training.

The UWL Student Association awarded Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers with its Higher Education Advocate Award. Read more at https://news.uwlax.edu/higher-education-advocate-award/

Assistant Professor Namyun Kil leads a group of student on a forest therapy session. Kil shares his love for the outdoors with his students — and he’s helping them extend that love to others. Read more about Forest therapy at: https://news.uwlax.edu/back-to-nature/

Top, UWL graduate Xavier James takes a selfie with his family outside of the La Crosse Center. Bottom left, a student pauses for a photo with Chancellor Gow during Spring Commencement. John Williams hugs his daughter, Haley, at Riverside Park.
Spectators fill the stands for the 2019 WIAA State High School Track & Field meet at Veterans Memorial Field Sports Complex. This was the 30th year UWL has hosted the state track and field meet. A total of 2,778 student-athletes competed from across the state.
Sprinters cross the finish line at the 2019 WIAA State High School Track & Field Meet.
Roger Harring Field received a make-over when ew turf was installed over summer 2019.
Kathleen Hawkes, associate professor of art, smiles as she sees the original print "Moon and Half Dome, Yosemite National Park" by Photographer Ansel Adams. A donation was made by the Gayle Anderson '64 estate. Read more about the donation at: https://issuu.com/uw-lacrosse
Peter Haried, is the chair of the Information Systems Department. UWL’s Information Systems Department revamped its curriculum to incorporate a stronger focus on these in-demand skills, specifically offering students hands-on software experience with SAP, a market leader in enterprise business applications software with more than 335,000 customers in more than 180 countries. Read more at: https://news.uwlax.edu/strengthening-skills-for-the-digital-future.
Hoeschler Tower's lighted lantern is a reminder for students and alumni that they are part of "The La Crosse Experience" and always welcome home.
A student of the MVAC field school sifts through dirt, looking for clues of the past. MVAC hosted the dig at Goose Island.
UWL's campus tennis courts were demolished. Construction on new community courts, which will be used by UWL, was set to begin in fall 2019 at Green Island Park.
Top left and right, the Screaming Eagles Marching Band welcomed UWL's international students for an I-Scream Social, at the gazebo in Linder Forest. Bottom, international students take a tour of the Mississippi on the La Crosse Queen paddleboat.
A futon is hauled into White Hall during campus move-in days.
Chancellor Joe Gow and his wife, Carmen Wilson help families move-in to the residence halls in fall 2019.
After the official count taken Sept. 16, UWL set a record with 10,580 total students enrolled for the fall semester. UWL also set a record enrollment for U.S. students of color on campus at 1,081 — slightly more than 10%. The previous local enrollment record was set in fall 2018 with 10,569 students. Read more at: https://news.uwlax.edu/record-high/
CBA faculty members tour Wittich Hall during renovations. Exposed brick will bring out character in rooms to the century old building.
Crazy George plays an accordion during the Child Care Center Oktoberfest Parade.
Eric Gansen leads a Physics Laser Light Show for elementary school children.

Courtney Baker earned an undergraduate degree in environmental biology before pursuing a career with the Wisconsin DNR. She continued her research on microplastics as a graduate student at UWL in fall. Her work involves collecting water samples from the Upper Mississippi River and analyzing them to determine microplastic content in the lab. Read more on her research at: https://news.uwlax.edu/microplastics-in-the-mississippi/

Top, History Department Associate Lecturer Kyle C. Lincoln teaches a class outside. Bottom, students walk through campus between classes.
UWL College of Business Administration faculty take a tour of the Kwik Trip Dairy.
A student shows off a crayfish from Coon Creek. Students took a field trip to the watershed to gather and study macroinvertebrates.
Students inspect their dip net for macroinvertebrates during a field trip to Coon Creek.

The sun sets over campus in late September.

A UWL student studies in a hammock near Drake Field.

George F. Will, whose newspaper column has been syndicated by The Washington Post since 1974. Will spoke on “Civility, Partisanship and Conservatism in America.”
A fall aerial of Hoeschler Tower.
Students walk through campus near Centennial Hall.
UWL Athletics portraits.

The Screaming Eagles Marching Band plays during the halftime show of a football game.

Members of the UWL Volleyball team greet attendees to the Veterans Day Breakfast held in Mitchell Hall.

A group of runners cruise past the East Avenue entrance to campus.

From left, Assistant Professors Elliot Forbes and Lei Wang will lead UWL's new Computer Engineering major. Read more at: https://news.uwlax.edu/new-major-approved/
Hoechler Tower is framed in by snow covered branches.
Rotary Lights at Riverside Park have been a downtown holiday tradition since 1995. Many UWL alumni, faculty, staff and students make the display possible.


Michael Lieurance, University Communications