Canada. It's more than the ground we stand on. It's a place of acceptance. A place of choice. A place of freedom.

But how, exactly, did Canada become this way? Well, we could go all the way back to Christopher Colombus, but I'm going to point out one specific time in our past.
The Battle of Vimy Ridge was a battle between Canada and Germany to gain control of an escarpment (a cliff or hill) that was currently being held by the Germans. It took place from April 9-12, 1912, during the same time period as WWI. This was at the point where Canada realised they were involved in WWI, whether or not they wanted to be.
In the background, you see a large tunnel. That tunnel was dug by hand, by the British. It was tall and wide enough, for a 6 foot tall person to stand up in. It was, a total of 12 kilometres long! That's enough exercise for me in a day!


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