Eddy Artimov WelcOme to the world of romania

My name is Eddy Andrew Artimov

I was born in the Michigan in the United States.

My nationality is Romanian and Russian. My mom is Romanian and my dad is Russian.

The eggs are Romanian and there is Russia

My mom and dad came to the United States to have a better life and to have better education.

Picture in Romania
Picture in Michigan

The only language I can speak in a conversation is English even if i'm Romanian. I can still say words in Romanian but not in a conversation.

Me and my family love Romanian foods like stuffed cabbage and dobosh cake and I like donuts and french fries too. Dobosh cake is like a sandwich and lasania because it has liers of cakes and it some times has fruit in it and it is small so you can walk and eat at the same time. Stuffed cabbage is like a taco because it has vetebales and meat in it and it is rapped like a taco and there you go that is stuffed cabbage and dobosh cake. Did you know the French did not make up French fries, the Columbian made it up. Columbians had little fish and they like to eat them but the fish ran away so they cut up potatoes and fried them. When Columbus came with the French they stole the idea away so that's way they call them French fries.

Dobosh cake and stuffed cabbage.
Donuts and french fries.

Me and my dad love to watch Romanian soccer together. And we mostly like to watch the Romanian team play. Everybody says that Argentina is the best but we beat them. Why did the soccer ball get off the team? He was being " kicked around".

Romanian soccer team against Eanglend.
Romanian soccer team against Argentina.

I have a hamster thats Russian just like me!

This is my Russian hamster.

On Christmas me and my family collect Romanian eggs.

Romanian eggs.

I like to read books, but mostly comics.

I hope you enjoy learning how the French did not make up French fries,dobosh cake,and stuffed cabbage and how we like to collect eggs. Look on the bottom there is a message for you.

Thank you for reading all about my cultures!


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